The Simpsons Game

January 3, 2008 at 11:56 pm (Video Games)


(8.75/10.00) I have been a big fan of the series of Simpson games in the past, but this game really showed me what could be done with the franchise. And despite a few flaws, this game succeeds. The story is relatively simple, with the gang basically realizing that they themselves are in a video game. However, they take it different ways. Marge wants to change the world, Bart wants to use his superpowers to fight crime, and well Homer, he just wants to eat. You run an early few of the just-right 16 episodes trying out the different powers of each character, and then the plot thickens with Treehouse of Horror-related episodes, and then they move on to try to save their game from extinction when the “Xbox 720″ comes out. Each character has his or her own ability, with Homer’s super ball attack and gummi ball, Lisa’s Hand of Buddha and it’s assorted attacks, Bartman’s Skills, and the occassional Maggie level, the game is well balanced. The game is also hillarious, with the all of the cast reprising their voice roles. You can just walk around SPringfield and hear random quotes or funny sayings as you walk by. There are several hillarious moments, and several references to the series sometimes only veterans will get-Linguo. I really liked this game, although it did sometimes have some flaws. The camera is one of the biggest, several times getting in my way of completing the mission. Also, sometimes the mission objective could have been a little clearer, and you’re a little curious as to what to do. The language in this game can also be a little coarse, too coarse for younger gamers. However, if you like the series and you want a great game to keep you busy, this is the game for you.


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