Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

January 4, 2008 at 6:20 pm (Video Games)

Battling Slash

(9.5/10.00) I know James, this is a different score than what I put in the informer, but I didn’t spend as much time on it then as I did now. That and it’s only a quarter of a point. Rock and rollers, get ready to rock and roll even harder with this new release from Harmonix. This time it has a storyline, which is strange. Basically, you and your band go from playing in backyards to the big leagues having to battle you agent in a guitar battle, all described in short cutscenes. The game has a great tracklist, from When You Were Young by The Killers, The Metal by Tenacious D, and more. The songlist comes out to 70 songs, and even after you beat the game, you can go back and 5-star every other song. There are tons of unlockables to choose from, including cool guitars, new characters, new outfits for your characters, and new indy songs. THere are also a couple of new features, including battle mode, one of my new favorites, which allows you to attack your rock oponent with a variety of attacks. If you’re a fan of the Guitar Hero series and have the money, I would recommend the game, even if you’re a rock fan that wants to try out the series for the first time, I would still recommend it. This is a great, well-put together game.


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  1. The James said,

    cool game. and I did not even notice the score was different.

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