Super Mario Galaxy

January 5, 2008 at 3:05 am (Video Games)


(10.00/10.00) Definitely my favorite game of 2007, Super Mario Galaxy is indeed a perfect game. The story tells of Mushroom Kingdom’s every 100 year tradition of celebrating a comet passing by, however this time, Bowser crashes the party and not only kidnaps Peach, but the entire castle. He promises to create his own galaxy with Peach by his side. Mario is soon teleported to a space station with Rosalina and her many stars, who promise to take Mario to her after he collects enough stars to propel them there. This game is by far the best looking Wii game I’ve ever seen, not inducing realism, but beaut-ism. The environments are colorful and gorgeous, just making you stand in awe of the beauty. Mario this time has a sleigh-full of tricks up his sleeve, sorry for the Christmas reference, I miss it. He has several powerups, including Bee Mario, Spring Mario, Ghost Mario, Rainbow Mario, and much more. Even Luigi makes an appearance! An annoying, troublesome appearance, several times getting lost and needing rescue. THese all come in handy in different situations, and are well utilized scattered throughout the game. WHenever going to different worlds, you go to a different room-terrace, kitchen, etc. These will act as a gateway to different worlds. Whenever you get more stars, you get more worlds. After you get so many, you take on a mini-boss in the form of Bowser or Bowser Jr. After you collect 60 stars, you go after Peach. The boss battles are epic, once again utilizing different techniques. This all leads up to Bowser, whose boss battle was pretty easy, but so was Ganondorf in Twilight Princess. Anyway, I love this game, and any Wii Fan should as well. If you like Mario, it goes without saying this is the game for you. However, if you don’t like Mario, what’s wrong with you? This is a must-have Wii title, and is a gaming masterpiece.


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  1. The James said,

    beaut-ism, I love it! This truly is a great game. And is should be mentioned that if you get all stars you can play as Luigi.

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