CES 2008 Day 1

January 8, 2008 at 10:48 pm (Tech)


The Show kicked off today in Vegas, and had some good offerings. Nintendo won an award for best innovation with a controller (surprise surprise), and beat out Sony with whom they shared the award last year.

Nyko also showed off its Wireless nunchuk, to go with the Wii, of course. THis is a product I am definitely looking forward to and hope to try out in the future. Great, another piece of electronics to lose.

They announced a couple of new games, surprisingly, I mean couldn’t they wait until E3? Anyway, Lode Runner is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade with a new look and a Mass Effect lookalike *cough knockoff! cough* is coming soon.

Sony strutted its stuff claiming its sales numbers at CES, which boasted 3.9 million PS- brand equipment from Black Friday to Dec. 31st, which included 1.3 million PS2s, 1.4 million PSPs, and I guess that means 2.2 million PS3s. Congrats SOny.

Sony confirmed that a camera and GPS add-on would be coming soon for the PSP, however, they stayed pretty vague only saying it would be here by the end of the year. THey also said there would be an update to the PSP text-entry system, getting rid of the cellphone style. I am looking forward to that.

Along with these topics, here are some of the other headlines:
Warner Bros. is going Blu-Ray exclusive
Bill Gates reported 10 Million Xbox Live Users

I should be back soon with the rest of the news. Thanks for reading.



  1. The James said,

    WIRELESS NUNCHUCK!!! WOOOT! that stupid wire is always getting in my way. Plus think how much easier the Wii Zapper will be to put together.

  2. earlman27 said,

    I first read about this a couple of months ago, however it seems like it would be easier to lose.

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