Game Preview-Resistance II: United We Fall

January 16, 2008 at 10:13 pm (Video Games)


Resistance: Fall of Man was a spectacular game for the PS3 back in November of 2006 as the best PS3 launch title hands down. It incorporated a surreal alternate World War 2 storyline while fitting in some really cool weapons. Now the second has been confirmed for release this fall on the PS3, and here is my preview. The game takes place directly after the first game, in which Nathan Hale is being taken hostage by a group of fellow immunees that are taking down the Chimera, the Sentinels. He makes his way back to the US, where he is terrified to learn the Chimera are launching an all-out assault, sweeping from both the east and west side, going into the middle. The game will get rid of the older narrarator, and focus more on Nathan’s adventure and immortal conflict. There will be new enemy vehicles including the Chameleon, which is invisible and will tear you apart with its blades. You’ll have to watch the ground and its imprints on it to find out where it is. The game’s story also hints air combat. There will also be massive boss battles in the Shadow of the Colossus style with some towering hundreds of feet in the air. There will be up to 60-player multiplayer matches on specifically designed levels that don’t just have you scrambling towards the middle, but are more strategic. The Chimera are sure to be smarter, faster, and shinier with the improved graphics. The game developers are fascinated along with myself of this time period, set in the 50s during a non-WW2 post-depression world. Insomniac is really proving to be a leading force on the PS3, with this being their third title on its very early life cycle. This game looks to be one of the best this year for the PS3, and I look forward to getting some hands-on time and review of it. Look for this one in this Fall.


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