Mr. Monk Goes To The Bank

January 20, 2008 at 12:55 am (Television)


Just for those of you who (James) who didn’t know this is a plot overview, it is, so I’m giving a spoiler warning. Anyway, this week’s episode was truly one of my favorites as Mr. Monk did everything he could to try to get back Trudy’s bracelet. But let’s take a few steps back. The story starts with Monk and Natalie watching TV, when Monk sees that the bank he goes to has been robbed, with one teller being shot. He panics, and runs to the bank. There he realizes Trudy’s bracelet that was in his safety deposit box (#100, of course) has been stolen. I was kind of hoping this crime was linked to Trudy with the bracelet, but I’ll live. Monk decides to go undercover as a security guard in a heartbeat, so he can get an inside look at the bank. Throughout the episode actions like this and others really give you a sense that Monk will do anything to get that bracelet back, showing some depth to a show that’s sometimes been a shallow pool. Anyway, Monk soon deciphers some clues that leads him to find out that the bank manager was in on it. They follow him home, where they find his dead body in the trunk of a new Jaguar car that he had bought. Monk follows a note he found at the manager’s house to a pawn shop where he thinks the manager sold Trudy’s bracelet. The pawn shop owner, played by Dan Castellenata, was a good pick by producers. Monk then finds out the thief left some of it back at the bank, so he goes back with Natalie, Captain, and Randy, thanks to one of the bank employees who proved not to be so nice. As they are searching the vault, Monk discovers 6 toothpicks, and realizes what happened 2 days ago at the robbery. But before he can solve the case, they are locked in. As soon as they discover their fate, he reveals what happened. Here’s what happened: All 6 of the bank employees decided they could pull off a fake bank robbery and make it look like someone else did it. They planned it all out, and drew tothpicks to see who would get shot. The manager got greedy and broke the agreement by spending some of the money, and was killed. They were all in it together. WHile caught in the vault, the promo’s classic “I’m not gonna die here, I’ll die over there” came in, but besides then, Monk was pretty quiet. They later used Trudy’s bracelet, at Monk’s depressed will, to cut into a safebox to signal help from the outside sign. The episode was a pretty good, it had it’s funny moments, and still provided an emotionally strong and creative episode.



  1. The James said,

    Thank you for the warning….can’t wait to watch it!

  2. The James said,

    Thanks for the synopsis. I was watching it on and the player messed up right after they got locked in the vault. Only 12 minuets left!

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