Batman Lives

January 23, 2008 at 4:20 pm (Movies)

Despite the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger, the actor set to play the Joker in the new movie, from what I’ve heard the movie is still set to release on July 17th, 2008. I hope I didn’t sound indifferent about Ledger’s death in the previous post, I apologize if I did. However, the movie will still go on, and I hope to go see it when it releases.



  1. The James said,

    I think it is neat how the names for the posts are: “The Joker is Dead” and “Batman lives” it has a kind of ironic quality about it

  2. matdesa said,

    If i’m not mistaken, the movie has finished shooting and is in post-production right now.. So the movie can still be released. (As long as it has no retake needed).

    I’m sure they will put in a dedication for Heath. As the major villian in that movie, he deserves the credit.

  3. dragonshensi said,

    I think ol heath was murdered.

  4. earlman27 said,

    That doesn’t make sense. You have no motive, who, what, when or how, as of right now. I think the role was too much and he od’ed on sleeping pills. He was quoted as saying “I have to take two ambien a night”. Also, he was working on another movie, and he had to promote this one, all with a family. It was too much of a psychological role and he overdosed.

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