Earl Salutes-The Janitor

January 26, 2008 at 8:55 pm (Television)


No, I’m not saluting the custodians of the every day work force, I’m saluting the character off of Scrubs, who never fails to deliver classic lines like the ones below and still torment J.D.. The Janitor is a hillarious character, and is still yet to have a name. He has several inventions like the hovering vacuum, and knife-wrench. He is a hillarious yet mysterious character, and one I enjoy watching on Scrubs. So to the Janitor, I salute you!

J.D.: [to the Janitor] You’re an actor!
Janitor: You’re a fireman! What are we doing?
J.D.: Game over, “Klaus”; I saw you in The Fugitive.
Janitor: Ohhh, yeah, yeah. I was in a Harrison Ford movie, but, y’know what, I chose this life instead ‘cuz it’s a little more glamorous.
Dr. Kelso: [to Janitor, walking past] Hey champ, there’s some vomit on the back steps with your name on it.
Janitor: [nods] Well, that’s my cue. Action! [feigns riding mop down hallway and mimes shooting into rooms, music begins playing]
J.D.: Cut! [music stops]
Dr. Cox: I can’t believe Kelso really asked my opinion, y’know?
Janitor: If I wanted to listen to someone yap on about their problems, I’d be at my AA meeting.
Dr. Cox: It just so happens that this was the only empty seat in the whole joint. Besides, as a fellow abusive drinker you are duty bound by bar stool protocol to listen to every last word that comes out of my mouth.
Janitor: [beat] Go.
Janitor: For three years I’ve been watching you pine after Blonde Doctor, and I gotta tell you, everyone is sick of it — “Will they? Won’t they? Looks like they’re going to! Oooh, the last second, something might– oooh oooh oooh!” Come on! Enough already! I mean, you guys aren’t exactly Ross and Rachel!
J.D.: Who?
Janitor: [pointing to a young couple] Dr. Ross, and Rachel from Bookkeeping.

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