Star Wars Battlefront 2

January 27, 2008 at 1:25 pm (Video Games)


(8.75/10.00) The second installment in the Battlefront franchise, this is easily one of my favorite Star Wars games. It’s hard to say the time frame for it, because it takes place whenever you want. My favorite mode, Galactic Conquest, has you battling for complete…conquest of your given galaxy while fighting the enemy’s attempts at control of the galaxy. One thing that’s unique is the variation, with 5 different timeframes to play GC in. You can play as the rebels against the empire, the republic against the droid army, the empire against the rebels (which means shooting Ewoks) and more. There are several upgrades and other units to buy, and the classic purchase of a hero to help you out. I kicked butt as Luke Skywalker at Mygeeto. The game was over in 1 minute. There are also several other possibilities, including different challenges, and the quick play which allows you to pick several battles to play in succession. Sometimes in Conquest I just didn’t feel like battling the same people over though, which sometimes happened. I really liked this game for the PSP, and it provided and filled all of my Star-Wars-on-the-go battling needs.



  1. The James said,

    I love battlefront!

  2. colin said,

    i have a weird Star Wars Battlefront 2 problem. its for Pc and sometimes when i am playing in a space level, the whole game will shut down. I love space battles but i cant play them. Sometimes when playing a level the game shuts down. If im lucky it doesnt but if anyone know whats going on please tell me


  3. selrac said,

    can you give cheats on pc. never mind which is

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