Oldies Sunday-50 First Dates

February 10, 2008 at 2:43 pm (Movies)


Just to let you know, this counts as one of the Valentine’s Day posts. After having to practically bend over backwards to get it in the Trojan Informer, I won’t have to here.

(9.00/10.00) One of funniest movies that still is technically a romance, 50 First Dates is definitely a solid Adam Sandler movie. The movie basically follows a classic Adam Sandler character named Henry Roth is basically a guy that has never had a serious relationship, that is until he meets Lucy, a girl who, thanks to a severe car crash, has a memory problem that makes her basically relive the same day over and over. He goes out to woo her, and remeets her over and over. This is a really sweet movie, and it makes for a good date movie. Of course, it also carries the same know-and-love Sandler humor, with a funny cameo by Rob Schneider, animal jokes, and more. I really liked this movie, and if you’re looking for a funny movie for Valentine’s Day, this is it.


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  1. The James said,

    I love this movie!

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