Gears 2, WiiFit, and NinjaGaiden 2 Set for Launch

February 20, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Video Games)


One of the biggest and most violent shooters of 2006, Gears of War, has a confirmed sequel. The cleverly titled Gears of War 2 will hit stores this November exclusively on the Xbox 360. The news was delivered at a Microsoft Press Event at GDC, where the game’s leader Cliffy B chainsawed onto the stage. A teaser trailer has been released, but I can’t show it here.

WiiFit also has a confirmed release date, although as for one of the first times, we’ll be getting it last. It sold big in Japan last month, and will hit Europe April 25th. But we here in the US will have to wait until May 19th. There have also been reports of several games that will be using the Wii’s Balance Board for gameplay-skiing, etc. A new Wii Channel will launch with the game to help monitor your progress, and WiiWare will launch soon to make indy Wii games accessible.

Ninja Gaiden 2, the long awaited sequel since the first ultra-difficult Ninja Gaiden that launched earlier this decade. The super-bloody ninja thriller will hit the Xbox 360 exclusively on June 3.



  1. The James said,

    Why can’t you show it here? Cause of all the voilence? Meh, I’m not really interested anyway.

  2. earl said,

    A dude get’s chopped in half with a chainsaw and then has obscenities yelled at him.

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