Mr. Monk is On the Run Part 2

February 24, 2008 at 4:30 pm (Television)

The season concluded with an all together satisfying and awesome…conclusion. The second half of the story began with Monk meeting Stottlemeyer on the beach after their planned killing so that Monk could investigate away from Sherriff Rollins. Stottlemeyer’s the only one who knows, so tensions run high with Natalie and Randy working on his funeral. There was a really nice reference to Sherona when Natalie was making the arrangements, but I wish she would have shown up and that they would have done a funeral scene, but I’ll live. Natalie blames the captain for unneccesarily killing Monk, and calls him a murderer. Meanwhile, Monk is in Nevada, where he takes the name LELAND Rodrigeuz and works at a car cleaner, where he is yelled at for hillariously “cleaning the inside of a cigarette lighter”. He lives in, despite his wishes, at a compartment complex in #9, and accidentally solves a case, bringing Natalie’s attention to the name Leland. Rollins searches constantly for Monk’s body, and follows his boss’ orders to follow Natalie and make sure Monk is dead. Natalie and Monk have a very funny reunion, and brush with Rollins. They steal his car, and find out some more info on him. They discover he had been receiving $10000 dollar checks from an organization traced to a person I had been suspicious of, Dale “The Whale” Biederbeck, unfortunately not played by Tim Curry. They also find plans to kill the Governor. Here’s what happened: Dale was always jealous of Adrian, and he wanted to trade places with him. He hired Rollins and Mr. 6 Finger to come in for his dastardly plan. He wanted out of jail, and bribed the lieutenant governor to help him out if he got rid of the governor. He hired the 6-finger man to build a bomb, and got Rollins to take him out and make it look like Monk did it. That way Dale would be out and Monk would be in. They figured it out and saved the mayor just in time. But that’s not all for those of you who say “But I thought there would be Trudy Development!” While searching the 6-fingered man’s house, they found a name, The Judge. Looks like Monk will be back for a 7th Season! 


  1. bob said,

    best monk episode yet!

  2. earl said,

    Yea, it was the best episode of season 6, but not as good as some of the classics.

  3. bob said,

    There was a ridiculously hot blonde in the jail cell with the fat dude. Anyone know her name?

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