Youtube Theme Song, Under the Tusken Sun, and Proposal Rejection

February 25, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Movies, Video)

These are just a collection of great Youtube videos I found. 

The man’s name is Irving Fields, he’s 92 and he has made a wonderful, surprisingly catchy theme song for Congrats, it will be stuck in your head for days.

 The next clip is Under the Tusken Sun, a wonderful love story in the land of Star Wars.

The final is a proposal gone horribly wrong at a basketball game.



  1. dragonshensei said,

    Video 1:Curse you! It’s won’t get out of my head! Get out!]
    Video 2:Get A Life.
    Video 3:DENIED! Keep that in mind Earl if you ever ask a girl out. You know who I’m talking about. That’s will probably happen.

  2. The James said,

    1. I loved it! That old man is my new best friend. (sry, url)
    2. Loved it too! I never thought of tusken raiders like that
    3. That was sad. I feel bad for that poor guy.

  3. The James said,

    Here is another version of the youtube guy. I has more of the old guy and and a short interview with him and his 95 year old sister.

  4. earl said,

    No DS, I don’t know who you are TALKING ABOUT!!!

  5. The James said,

    wow DS you are mean…I KNOW WHO HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!

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