My Villains Theory

March 3, 2008 at 7:15 pm (Talk to Me, Television)

The next volume/season of Heroes is set to be titled Villains, in which a copadre of villains arise. And many people wonder what exactly will happen. Until more info is released, here is my theory.

Sylar has his powers back now, so he’s gonna unleash a whole lot of trouble, he’ll kill a whole lot of people and accumulate several powers, bringing him to be an even more unstoppable force. What would be a neat twist would be if he got Molly’s power, heard about Adam, and dug him up and got his invincibility. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. According to the video I found, Matt might get xed, and I think since Belle isn’t set to return, SYlar got her too. Hiro will probably go on another great journey, and Peter will…be Peter, probably deal with the consequences of Nathan’s shooting. We’ll delve some more into the Company and learn more of their ways and their villains and the secret villains that lay to come.

Any Season 3 news I find out I’ll post here. According to HeroesWIki, Season 3 will premiere on September 8th. Tell me your Villains theory…in comment form!


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