Who’s In It-Who Sees It?

March 4, 2008 at 4:13 pm (Movies)

I was thinking (it’s tuesday after all) and I realized the favoritism I have with movies. I don’t know if it is just me, or you may be the same way. I find myself preferring certain movies or enjoying certain movies more because they have certain people in them. It could be the worst movie ever, and I could like it because it had, say Morgan Freeman in it. I enjoyed movies like The Bucket List, Good Burger, and The School of Rock partly thanks to the people in it-Kenan and Kel, Morgan Freeman, Jack Black. If a movie has someone I don’t like as much in it, like Jamie Kennedy or Hayden Christensen, I probably won’t like the movie as much. There could be nothing wrong with the movie, but I just don’t like the people in it. I guess that’s just the magic of certain casting and why you should make the right choices in movies when it comes to casting. You can’t put Morgan Freeman in Adam Sandler’s place and Adam Sandler in Morgan Freeman’s place in…any of their movies and expect the movie to be just as good. A good cast is like a puzzle piece, it has to fit just right. I guess it really proves casting as an artform and that a good cast is one of a kind, and one you really have to work at for your movie to be a success.

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