How to Unlock Extra Characters/Stages in Brawl

March 5, 2008 at 4:07 pm (Video Games)

 Because I need these and if you plan on buying Brawl you do to, this is a list of all of the unlockable characters and stages, and how to unlock them. Note-You can unlock all characters except for Wolf, Toon Link, and Jigglypuff by beating the Subspace Emmisary. Wolf and Jigglypuff can only be unlocked after beating the Emissary, or by Brawls. It will take up to 8 hours to get all of the characters through the Emissary, and if you have the time, that’s fine. However, if you are like me and need the characters fast, planning on playing Adventure later, these may be better choices. Thanks to everyone who is giving this post and my site so much publicity. Everyone that found this to good use please leave a comment below.

  • Ness-Reflect 10 Projectiles or play 5 Brawls
  • Marth-Beat Classic Mode or play 10 Brawls
  • Luigi-Play through classic mode with no continues or 22 Brawls
  • Falco-Beat 100 Man Brawl or 50 Brawls
  • Captain Falcon-Beat Classic on Normal in less than 12 Minutes or 70 Brawls
  • Lucario-Clear Target Smashes 1-5 with one character or 100 Brawls
  • Snake-Play 15 Brawls on Shadow Moses Island or 130 Brawls
  • ROB-160 Brawls or unlock 250 Different Trophies
  • Ganondorf-Play through Classic mode with Link or Zelda on Hard or 200 Brawls
  • Mr. Game and Watch-Play through Classic Mode with Every Character or 250 Brawls
  • Sonic-Beat the Subspace Emissary,  or 300 Brawls
  • Jigglypuff-Found in a secret room in swamp after completing Subspace Emissary or 350 Brawls
  • Wolf-SSE – In the stage “Iseki” (Ruins) skip the first door you pass when being lowered in to the pit. Instead enter the second door at the bottom to unlock him with Fox or 450 Brawls.
  • Toon Link-400 Brawls or Complete Classic with Link after beating the Emissary.

I really like how Sora allows you to unlock characters by two different styles.

  • 75M-Play as Donkey Kong 20 Times in Brawls
  • Big Blue-Play as Captain Falcon 10 Times in Brawls
  • Electroplankton-Play Event #28.
  • Flat Zone 2-Unlock Mr. Game and Watch
  • Great Sea-Unlock Toon Link
  • Green Greens-Play 20 Matches Using Kirby
  • Green Hill Zone-Unlock Sonic
  • Jungle Japes-Play on any Melee Stage 10 times
  • Luigi’s Mansion-Play 3 Brawls using Luigi
  • Mario Bros.-Complete Event Match #19
  • Original Pokemon Stadium-Play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times
  • Spear Pillar-Complete Event Match #25

By the way, here is the real backshot for Brawl, supplied by Gamestop.


  1. The James said,


  2. Laurita said,


  3. Danja said,

    Good guide man, thanks. I’m beating the emisary for fun, but it helps to know I dont get EVERYONE 😀

  4. Joe said,

    this doesnt have toon link =[

  5. earl said,

    Thanks, sorry about Toon Link, have that up soon.

  6. Zach said,

    I dunno about you guys but i got ROB by playing the Emissary

  7. dinnerroll said,

    You need to fix the Green Greens stage tip. I just got it and it is actually 20 brawls with kirby.

    good guide bro. much easier than figuring it out myself.

  8. guyver said,

    you can get everyone exept jigglypuff, toon link and wolf in adventure

  9. Schmave said,

    Just an amendment:
    I beat Classic with Link and it did not unlock Toon Link.
    I think you need to beat subspace, THEN go through classic with Link for Toon Link to show up.

  10. Dylan said,

    Ya, got R.O.B. im SSE as well…should be added.

  11. earl said,

    Sorry for the mistakes, I posted these prior to the release date, and assumed they were correct, I will correct them. Thanks for visiting.

  12. earl said,

    If there are any other mistakes feel free to let me know.

  13. Colt, who destroyed you at Brawl, said,

    Whoa. You’re mad crazy popular. It’s fun to look back at how much hype we had for things before they were released. Not that it’s like wishing for the past or anything. I don’t want to live in a world without SSBB.

  14. Jonny said,

    you can als unlock sonia by playing vs mode for 10 hours

  15. The James said,

    wow….so many comments….so many strangers….such jealousy 😉 ….

  16. earl said,

    I’m so popular…

  17. Jay said,

    cool but toonlink should be added

    Toon link- go to the forest after you beat sse, go to first door and fight him

  18. Anthony said,

    That guide is great.I have all the characters and stages now.thanks

  19. nick said,

    this is awsome

  20. nick said,

    this thing is so imformitive , i got all of the people frome this, thanks

  21. earl said,

    Thanks a lot, after all, I work for you. If there’s anything else I can do, let me know.

  22. i like cheese said,


  23. i like cheese said,

    I have all characters but not all stages

  24. i like cheese said,

    i like cheese

    oh and i liked ur guide

  25. i like cheese said,


  26. The James said,

    I like cheese too!

  27. xmerchix said,


  28. roger said,

    to unlock wolf u dont need to use fox the whole time, i entered the ruins with falco, entered the door to battle wolf with ganondorf and beat wolf with ike. but ur info is still pretty good

  29. Sciece Guy2 said,

    u can get wolf in the subspace emissary just skip the frst door on the moving platform
    going down with diamonds coming from the tyou have to dodge

  30. Sciece Guy2 said,

    Srry i forgot to tell u that the platform is in the Ruins. Then u will get to a platform moving down with diamonds sticking out of the wall skip the first door and enter the second and u will fight wolf and unlock him if u beat him i.If you don.t just do the same
    thing again

  31. fred said,

    Thanks i really neended that advice but if one of these are wrong ill kick your butts

  32. fred said,

    i need help getting toon link can u help me??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????u will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. fred said,

    Mr Game and Watch rox i have him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  34. earlman27 said,

    • Play 400 brawls
    • After clearing The Subspace Emissary, clear Classic mode
    • After clearing The Subspace Emissary, enter the hidden door in The Forest

  35. SSBB MASTER said,

    Hi i rock at this game with sonic but you can also unlock him by doing classic with 10 characters. But you still rock oh and im the master of ssbb.

  36. earlman27 said,

    Wow I appreciate the compliments. Even though I rock, it doesn’t mean I’m made of stone. I never would have guessed that you’re the SSBB master there “SSBB MASTER”.

  37. Henry said,

    u can unlock everyone by playing special brawl and use stamina and flower as a hat than by puting the cpus hp on 1 u will win once the game start repeat playing this mode like this and around 1hour or less u will have all charters unlocked

  38. linkmaster said,

    smash bros brawl is very cool

  39. shane said,

    Hey fwi there is a secret door for toon link as well… the secret door is in the forest

  40. Marth said,

    dude it takes so long to get all the chars without doing subspace lol

  41. The James said,

    OMG, its Marth! The Marth! A character from SSBB has graced us with his presence to complain about SSBB! I never thought I would live to see the day.

  42. RogerRockstar said,

    i always use Pit!!!

  43. earlman27 said,

    So do I when I feel like losing.

    Hi-yo!!! Can I get a five!?!

  44. lg said,

    I think this is very radical approach to this problem.

  45. Cody said,

    You can get EVERY character in the subspace emmisary, the first fight is between kirby and mario, and the last is between any 4 out of ALL the characters and the final boss, Tabuu

  46. Ness said,

    I’m in the game too, don’t count me out! P.K. Explain!

  47. earlman27 said,

    Don’t spam my site.

  48. john said,

    ok. i got sonic and i did not beat the emissary or do the number of brawls.
    i played for ten hours.

  49. earlman27 said,

    Well to be honest bro the game came out a year and a half ago, so it’s not really that big a priority now. Congrats though.

  50. Joey said,

    wow!!!! thanks man!!!! I got like 6 new characters and about 4 new stages thanks to this guide!!!!

  51. nick said,

    u can unlock jigglypuff by vs. 350 time

  52. Cosby said,

    Po-ke-mon, with the poke and the mon (den den den) den den den, And a poke and the kon. Hey kids, whatd you like to play? Poke ke mon, with pokes and mons

  53. Brandon said,

    How to use kirby and press buttons.

  54. Ninendo 3ds said,

    thanks for the info, my kids are tearing up smash bros brawl

  55. netfilx dvd rental said,

    Brawl is the best, the only thing i dont like is the custom stage

  56. Netflix Dvd Rental said,

    Sonic is my favorite character

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