Apparently You Like Brawl…

March 12, 2008 at 1:02 pm (Video Games, Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)

Looking at the stats for my site, I noticed a monumental rise in views when Brawl was released, hitting 2000 views in one day. The search terms people used to find my site is almost entirely Brawl-related, and thanks to this great game, I’ve gotten a lot of publicity. Thanks, I’ll have more Super Smash Bros. stuff up soon including my review.



  1. The James said,

    man, your lucky….all my hits are to my “fun things to do on your birthday” post…..oh, well!


  2. Colt, who destroyed you at Brawl, said,

    Here are some things you might not have noticed while I was humiliating you and Flanders (“I choose you, cracker!”):

    -When playing as (or against) Jeff (Pokémans Trainer if you don’t remember), you can click the Pokéman you would like to be (or fight) first, just as you can choose between Zelda and Sheik.
    -I can make és mad crazy easily with mah Mac. Eat that, PC suckers.
    -According SSB’s Wiki (and personal experience), Toon Link’s unlockabilty becomes stupid after you get Luigi. I can has patch, plz?
    -Trying to get the awards for big Training combos? Set your foolish adversary’s damage to 999%, then grab him/her and smack away.
    -You unlock Target Test levels by clearing hard Classics. Hard gets you levels 3&4, Very Hard gets you 4&5. It’s probably the fastest way to get the emo dingo (Lucario, lol)
    -I just had to tell my spellcheck that “emo” is a word. At least it knows now.
    -You can drown. It’s kinda funny, really. You just stop swimming and drop like a stone. So don’t stay in the water for too long. Unless you just want to drown, since it’s funny when children’s characters die. Gloop-gloop-gloop-bubble-bubble. Ha-ha. You can’t deny it. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!
    -I made a map with a box full of spikes that you can get trapped in inescapably. It makes stamina matches HILARIOUS. I have pictures.
    -OK, I know I’ve kinda veered off of the helpful hints, but this is just great. I was playing a stamina match against Pikachu (amongst others) on Pungee Park VI (the aforementioned spike box level) when Pikachu got his Final Smash. At first I was like, “OH CRAP, CHEESE IT!”, but I lived through it and at the end when he turns mortal again, he stopped INSIDE THE BOX! It was GREAT. I have pictures of it, too.
    -My spellcheck thought that “pungee” wasn’t a word, either. WRONG!
    -I left my unlock guides at your house on Pwnage Day. It’s alright though. I just got it back from teh interweb.
    -Have you noticed Pikachu’s face when he wins a match? HE’S GOT TWO MOUTHS (ZOMG)!
    -Also, how he enters the stage at the beginning of a fight is a LOAD! If you’re as leet as me, you know that Pikachu (the famous one, at least) REFUSES TO LIVE IN THAT TINY SPHERE! He opts instead to walk everywhere his slavemas-, er, trainer goes. It’s almost sad how much useless knowledge I pack away. Almost. But it’s actually awesome.
    -Jungle Japes (Melee) has been changed just a little. The water is pretty easy to survive, since you can swim in it.
    -The records don’t record information about NPCs, which blows, because it was funny how in Melee Pichu had over a thousand falls. You can’t help but laugh when you punch/kick/stab him.
    -A halberd, according to mah dictionary, is “a combined spear and battle-ax.” Also, it could be a combination of “HAL” and “bird”.
    -I’ve come up with an excuse to play SSBB in History: It contains a buttload of 80’s & 90’s pop culture gods. I can probably set the language to Spanish, and the Electroplankton stage is all sorts of biological.
    -It’s so good that you’ll START A FIGHT for more Mona Pizza.
    -Not having dialogue in the Emissary enables me to make my own captions, like muting the TV. They usually consist of “Oh, snap!”, “Mah face!”, and “We gots to get outta this place ‘fore it a splodes all up in ‘ere!”
    -Apparently you unlock Events by pwning parts of teh Emissary.
    -All of the Pokémans have more than four attacks, which, at least in their RPGs, is impossible.
    -What am I doing typing this when I could be unlocking junk? Kthxbai!

  3. Colt, who destroyed you at Brawl, said,

    3-15-08, 1:35 A.M. -All characters & stages PWNED.

  4. earl said,

    I have actually been super busy this week, I only got to play it Monday of course, Wednesday night, Thursday morning and afternoon, and most of Friday. I beat the Emissary Friday after clocking in 10 Hours, and I’ve unlocked all of the characters. It took me 3 tries to beat Jigglypuff. I don’t know about the stages, I still need 75M, Green Greens, Jungle Japes, and the original Pokemon Stadium.

    I know I wasn’t the only person who laughed when the Prime Minister/ROB bursted into flames. I don’t know about you, but I thought that cutscene where the four ships and Kirdy with the Dragoon take down the big ship with Ganondorf and Bowser was beautiful. The Final Maze took me like 3 hours, but I eventually got it. I have honed my skills as Snake, I kick butt. I love pulling off the combo by punching them up into the air and then shooting a missile. I can also play well as ROB, Diddy, Ganondorf, etc. I love it.

  5. The James said,

    wow…. I have never seen colt write anything that long. Did you finally get a wii/brawl?

    I hate that I missed pwnagwe day but it was worth it (florida)

    Still haven’t beaten subspace emmisary yet. Steve will hardly let me play. (and when I do we either play regualr brawl or his subspece emmiersary)

    how do you spell emmisary?

    Gosh this game is so AWESOME!!!

    so the minister is R.O.B. … I did not see that one coming (well…I read it on wikipedia today but I did not see it coming then)

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