Indy 4 vs. The Dark Knight vs. Iron Man

March 12, 2008 at 11:34 am (Movies, Talk to Me)


This summer marks the release of two huge blockbusters, the fourth edition of Indiana Jones, the newest Batman and possibly the darkest yet, The Dark Knight, and the adaptation of Iron Man It’s no doubt a lot of people will go see these movies, but the question arises, which will do better? Indiana Jones has a huge fan base of new and old fans, people that went to the originals will go see it, and it is sure to bring in new fans. Batman’s newest outing may have an unfair advantage with the late Heath Ledger starring as the Joker in his last role, which will bring in a lot more viewers just because he’s in it. Also, Batman fans and nerds alike will flock to see this gritty take on it. That and Morgan Freeman is in it. There has even been talks of Ledger getting an oscar for his role in it. Iron Man could be a little risky, with it being questionable in it’s first run. All three will be successful for sure, but I’m gonna go ahead, put the chips down and say The Dark Knight does best.



  1. earl said,

    Let me know what you think. Tell me which you think will do best.

  2. dragonshensei said,

    I’m not sure. The batman movie might not do so well as you think. Most people will probably think it’s another sequel to like Batman Forever and will pay not to it. Personally I want to see all three. What about Narnai?

  3. The James said,

    I love them all sooooo much……I don’t know which will do better……I just lknow they will be awesome!

  4. nolanator said,

    1. Indiana Jones 4- this has been hyped more than any other movie I’ve ever seen
    2. The Dark Knight- Heath Ledger just looks awesome as the Joker(RIP Heath)
    3. Iron Man- this looks good but probably not as good as people want

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