Top 5 Stages/Characters in Brawl

March 15, 2008 at 8:11 pm (Top Ten, Video Games)


Playing Brawl, I really Apprectiated the new stages and characters, even the returning ones, this roster and stage list was by far the best in the series.

Top 5 Improved Returning Characters

5-Pikachu-With the great final smash, Pikachu becomes a fun character. 4-Bowser-Once again with a great final smash, and some better coordination, he’s improved. 3-Samus-A cleaner look a new second personality, Samus just got better. 2-Ganondorf-With a much better look and attacks no longer being a clone, Ganondorf is playable. 1-Link-A Twilight Princess makeover and awesome final smash make him a big competeter.

Top 5 New Characters

5-Ike-A stronger swordsman and a great final smash make him worth a check out. 4-Metaknight-Swift Swordplay and a sleek style compiles to be a cool character. 3-Rob-A much better control than I thought, ROB is surprisingly effective. 2-Sonic-A fast and fun control scheme makes for something new. 1-Snake-His run and gun gameplay makes him a strong addition.

Top 5 New Stages

5-Battlefield-A very simple yet elegant course. 4-Delfino Plaza-Colorful backdrop and variative areas makes for a fun time. 3-Pictochat-Although small, the new stage provides creative battles. 2-Warioware-The classic insanity with awesome powerups or powerdowns based on success with minigames was a great idea. 1-Castle Siege-A beautiful backdrop with a falling floor and different areas was a great idea for a beautiful stage.



  1. The James said,

    how could you put snake before metaknight and sonic?

    so, Ganondorf is no longer a clone?! wow… need to try that!

  2. earl said,

    Because Snake has grenades, C4, mines, and rocket launchers that come in handy! I one KOd Colt in sudden death with a long-range grenade! His auxillary fighting style and strong prowess make him a strong character. I can slap C4 to Sonic’s head!

  3. Tedsta said,

    Pit should be on the top 5 newcomers list and gannondorfs still a clone

  4. earlman27 said,

    I disagree really. I really think they changed Ganondorf for the better this go-round.

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