Not so Groovy Baby…

March 16, 2008 at 3:24 pm (Movies)


Two great looking movies coming out over the summer-The Love Guruand Get Smart-were all capturing my attention, but now there could be a problem. Both movies are scheduled to come out the same weekend. I was looking forward to both on different weekends, but now it just looks to be one funny weekend. Do you smell what I smell? I do smell that too, but I also smell double feature.



  1. The James said,

    You go to the movies a lot. Don’t you?

  2. dragonshensei said,

    I want to see Get Smart. Might rent the Love Guru.

  3. earl said,

    Get Smart looks great, but I think you would have to have seen the Austin Powers movies to get excited as I am for The Love Guru, he’s in the getup/style that reminds me a lot of Austin Powers. I hope it is as good. I’m still waiting for Austin Powers 4.

  4. nolanator said,

    I would rather see Get Smart.

  5. earl said,

    I am a big Steve Carell fan, but I’m also a big Austin Powers fan, so I hope this is kinda in the same style. Please make a Austin Powers 4, I’m begging you!

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