What Could it Be?

March 17, 2008 at 3:28 pm (Talk to Me, Video Games)



In an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime for GameTrailers, he said that there would be a big announcement at E3 this year, that they were preparing for a big holiday, one of their best. They will be lining up their content for the rest of this year at E3, which Fils-Aime said “We’re going to have great new content maximizing all of our key franchises, it’s going to be a good second half.” “There’s going to be a big game for the holidays that the gamers will want,” said the former Nintendo VP of sales and marketing. “All I can tell you is that what we announce during E3 is going to be fantastic. The gamers are going to be excited and the expanded audience is going to be excited.” What could it be? Fils-Aime wasn’t this excited for Brawl when he confirmed the supposed release date at last year’s E3! What do you guys think it could be? Could it be a possible Super Smash Bros. DS port? Could it be a secret Legend of Zelda game? The excitement is killing me! Theories like a Pikmin, Star Fox, Kirby, Kid Icarus, and new Zelda rumors are floating. I personally think it’s a Zelda sequel, because they confirmed they were working on the next one right after Twilight Princess was released, which, since this game is coming this year, means that they will have 2 years, which is possible, but I’ll admit unlikely for Nintendo. He said all gamers. Let me know your theories.



  1. dragonshensei said,

    Quite frankly I think they should make new games for all the characters seen in Brawl. Now that people know these guys everyone would want to play their games. Even Sonic! If Nintendo can make a bad game character like Sonic so awesome in Brawl imagine what they could do in a sequel! Nintendo should help Sega of course. I mean I know the Sonic game for the PS3 sucks and I still want to play because of Brawl!

  2. The James said,

    maybe a new Kirby! HE IS THE COOLEST PINK GUY EVER! (But I think that that has already been announced)

    I doubt it is Star Fox but if it is, they need to get back to their roots. (Starships!)

    Zelda would be great, but I seriously doubt it.

    Maybe a brawl spin-off? You know, all the characters together but without being a fighting game? (boy that would be hard to pull off!)

    MAYBE IT WILL BE SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW!!!….wait this is Nintendo we are talking about…nevermind

    I just hope it is not another Mario sports game!!!

  3. The James said,

    I know maybe it is THE PANCAKE POST YOU PROMISED ME!!!!

  4. earl said,

    The kirby sequel (with the screenshot above) was confirmed in 2005 for the Gamcube, but if it was released now it would be for the Wii. As of now no work is being done.

    A Star Fox sequel is possible, but unlikely as what they’re going to announce. It’s going to be BIG, and I doubt it’s a Star Fox, Pancake, Brawl Spin Off, Something New, Mario Sports Game, or Sonic Game. If there is going to be a new Sonic game, SEGA will most likely handle it. Nintendo collaborated with Olympic Games and Brawl, but I doubt a Sonic game with Nintendo help. The Sonic RPG from Bioware and the Tennis game are coming soon, and that’s all the activity Sonic will probably see this year.

    I will never give up hope on a Zelda sequel, it’s the most likely of all the sequels. He said all gamers will want it, and I could see Zelda falling there. It can’t be Mario or Smash Bros., and those are the biggest mainstream properties besides Zelda and the Wii- games. They’ve had 2 years, and it’s big enough to fill Reggie’s promise.

  5. earl said,

    Who said it’s a game? It says: new content maximizing all of our key franchises, which means it could be hardware.

  6. The James said,

    That’s thinking outside the cube… (he he a LAME Nintendo pun) … who knows…I guess we will have to wait!


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