I Am Legend Review

March 18, 2008 at 8:30 pm (Movies)

It looks like the Fresh Prince is now the last man standing. I really don’t think I have to spend too much time on the premise, Robert Neville in 2009 helped develop a supposed cure for cancer, but then it ended up wiping out the Earth’s population. He is now the last man on Earth, and is working to not only develop a cure for the infected, but to survive. I actually liked this movie more than I thought I would. Will Smith, as always, provides an emotionally superb performance in this movie, his scenes dealing with his loneliness and trying not to go insane after three years alone are insanely powerful, providing classic scenes that pull you into his world of despair. I believe the movie’s strongest scenes came from him in these emotional scenarios. His performance, which makes this movie worth a watch, in this movie was second only to that of the one in the Pursuit of Happyness, which I liked slightly more than this one. The monsters are convincing, and the science behind them is also believable, however, the movie isn’t too scary, but may be too scary for kids. The setup, prologue if you will, before the current timeline is not told at once in the beginning, but throughout a majority in pieces. It’s pretty obvious a lot of work went into this movie, and it was something I really appreciated. The scenery truly feels like an abandoned New York City, and the detail down to the Batman vs. Superman Movie Poster was impressive. The structure of the movie went well throughout, they spent a good amount of time setting up the scenario and laying out the ground rules so you can get comfortable, and then they built up. The ending, which I will not spoil even though some people that DS knows did, was satisfying, providing a good conclusion and beginning for the rest of the story. I have watched the alternate ending, and it’s not as good. The religous aspect is also intruiging, in that Neville never blames God for the near-extinction, but blames man. I just wanna mention again the great job Smith does in this, his depiction of insanity, depression, and self-management are totally realistic and believable. It isn’t too sci-fi heavy, yet still provides a good amount of action-packed adrenaline, which combines to provide a satisfying package that makes a great movie to watch or own. Overall, I loved this movie, and recommend it to anyone looking for a emotional, yet action style thriller.

(5 out of 5)



  1. The James said,

    sweet…maybe I should go see this

  2. earl said,

    You would like it, it’s really good.

  3. nolanator said,

    I really liked this movie too.

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