Spiderman 4 Villains Revealed

March 22, 2008 at 10:08 am (Comics, Movies)

I guess Sam Raimi took my advice, or part of it. From what I’ve read on FilmPeak.com, the villains for Spiderman 4 are scheduled to be Carnage and The Lizard. Remember, Dr. Connors still has that symbiote piece, and it is rumored the suit survived the explosion at the end of #3. The suit will find it’s way to Cletus Kasady, a serial killer, to become Carnage. As for the lizard, it doesn’t take much thought to figure that out. Dr. Connors was working on a project to help grow back his arm, like a lizard, and it turned out to cause him to mutate into the Lizard. It will be interesting to see how they differentiate Carnage from Venom so people won’t get confused, that and how they’ll bring the Lizard to the big screen.


  1. dragonshensei said,

    I told ya carnage would be in it. And we already guessed the lizard.

  2. earl said,

    That’s what I meant.

  3. The James said,

    I would not bet all my chips on those characters just yet….

    I do think that Lizard will be in the next one. I will be seriously mad if he isn’t. As far as carnage, I am not so sure…(not that it would not be cool)

  4. earl said,

    It makes sense to put Carnage in there.

  5. Chris said,

    the lizard obvously will be in it and in the comic book doc coners sort of invents carnage soo i think the prediction is right

  6. GreenGoblin said,

    I have heard Green Goblin returns but who knows, Hob Goblin would be sweet 2…just hope they do the suit right this time not like in spiderman 3…

    Remember in the comics, Green Goblin lived after impailing himself (the scene at the end of spiderman 1 movie) and continues to fight spiderman.

    Green Goblin or some other Goblin is a must…all other villains are secondary.

  7. earl said,

    I think they’ve done enough with the Goblins

  8. twisted dragonshensei said,

    No more lame power ranger suits plz!

  9. Reed said,

    here’s and idea. why don’t they let venom return to ruin spiderman’s life but team up to fight carnage once he kills gwen stacy. Venom absorbs the carnage symbiote and betrays spiderman in a fight to the death. that way they can make The Venom movie and the two characters are out of the spiderman universe. through in some quick c grade villians and maybe a b grade one and you got a movie.

  10. earlman27 said,

    Thanks for the idea Reed, that’s an interesting take, there are lots of different possibilities for a 4th film, the Lizard is probably for sure in, and something with Carnage is likely. I just kinda wish they’d slow down with all the Marvel movies. Space them out a little.

  11. The James said,

    well, the venom thing is insanity. we need no more venom or carnage in the movies for a while. Lizzard? Yes. Iron Man? Yes. Thor? Yes Cap Ameriac? Super Yes

  12. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Actually I liked Reed’s idea. And that was mean about the insanity thing James.

  13. Reed said,

    all right how about this idea. subject of the movie is the meaning of being a hero. Skip a months after the spider-man duel with venom and the sandman. Public media is at an all time high with spider-man, all but jamison. Peter’s parker life is at an all time high, plans for graduaction and to marry Mary Jane. Throw in a quick battle with the Rocket Racer after the begining of the credits just to add some action and some cool effects. Have the Roker Racer race up a building and such until he is caught and easily defeated by spider-man. Go with some positives in his life with Mary Jane and a great artical about spider-man in the daily bugle. written by ben urich. However Jamenson gets suspicous of peter and highers mack gorgon to tale him and find out how he gets all these pictures of spider-man. Add a scene with venom, (new look though, more like the ultimate version. (explian somthing like part of the symbote sacrificed itself to save Brock.) Skip to a few nights ahead to a date between Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Have another b or c villian like the shocker, the Rhino, and his group of thugs or just a plain group of robbers rob a bank. Mack Gorgon is still tracking Spider-man while he runs off to change into spider-man but can’t because Gorgon is tracking him. Spider-Man is wondering what to do when venom shows up (still veiwing himself as a hero with a strong hatred still for spiderman) shows up and does battle with a few of the villians. Venom is about to kill the criminals when he spots Peter and leaves, taunting him, leaves, and lets the police arrest the b grade villians. That was part one… part two of three.. will come withen the next few days and involve the scorpion, silvermaine, and carnage.

    I have a ruft draft of a fan scrip written so far so please tell me what you all think.

  14. Reed said,

    ps. lisard will be created in the end of the movie for spider-man five

  15. Reed said,

    can’t sleep might as well do part two

    the next morning jamison is furious at gargon for failing him, when he is aproched by slivermain with and offer to turn gargon into a being that could handle spider-man one on one. Jameson accepts and pays gargon 10,000 dollars to take part in this experiment, and becomesthe scorpion. Meanwhile spider-man heads off twoards doctor connors clase to see if he kept the sample of the black suit. As peter parker he learns that conors is studing the sutis ability to heal itself and is planning on testing it. Peter warns against is but connors doesn’t listen. So peter decides to steal the rest of the sample. Peter sneaks into the lab at night as spider-man in order to steal the sample but doctor connors blocks his way. He begs spider-man not to take the sample but spider-man doesn’t listen and connors assults him. Spider-man accidently hurts connors then leaves to go dispose of the sample. He goes to the power plant and is about to throw the sample in a fire when he is attacked by scorpion. Scorpion easily defeats spiderman and is about to deliver the final blow when he realizes somthing is wrong; he’s traped within his suit and its started to mutate his apperance. The scorpion heads of the daily bugle to confront jamisone about this. after a quick fued with jamison and silvermaine, venom shows up once again and battles with the scorpion. Venom has the upper hand for the moment before spider-man awakens and attacks both convicts. Jamison, convinced that venom is a hero starts to root agains spider-man and scorpion flees from the sceen. Venon and spider-man battle up to the roof-top were venom explains to him how he survided and what not. Spider-man defeats venom who flees the seen promising revenge on spider-man. The next couple of days, events in peter’s life go bad because of venom. Venom taraizes marry jane and stocks peter were ever he goes. Brock regains his job at the buggle and peter is fired. when some thugs attempt to rob a store, spider-man shows up only to be knocked out of the way by venom who kills the criminals. When spider-man tries to stop him, the public boos him. Frustrated spider-man flees the seen and starts to develop a bad attitued with everyone. Opon a few more events with venom stacking mary jane, spider-man finally snaps. While going through the city depressed on how the media is turning on him, spider-man comes across a terrified scorpion who tries to plead with Peter that he only needs help, but peter ejnores him and almost kills him. Realizing what he had done, peter seeks out venom for a confrontation, blaming him for all of this. Peter’s emotion gets the better of him and he is almost killed by venom. Venom denies peter the final blow, claiming that he hasnt suffered enough yet. Venom them takes peter to aunt mays apartment and leaves him on her bed, reavealing to her that her newphew is spider-man. Spider-man recovers and gains a new look on life, vowing never to become spider-man again. Meanwhile, a devistated doctor connors is visited by silvermain claiming that he has a sample of the simbiot that he got when venom battled with the scorpion. Dr. conners agrees to help silvermain if he is given access to the suit to studie.

    This ends part two of three of my fan script “summery” of spiderman 4

  16. Reed said,

    Yeah the only reason that i didn’t but the lizard and kraven in the film was because of the spider-man three video-game. If you played the game and then went to see the film it would have felt like you were viewing what you just played. besideds i have and idea for spider-man five that has electro, lizard, kraven, chameleon, and Ben Riely. just and idea, so give me a heads up on what you think of this so far. thanks

  17. earlman27 said,

    Thanks for your time and dedication Reed, it’s rare that I get comments longer than the actual article. I don’t have time to focus and read it now, but I will as soon as I can, and take note of it. Thanks for the views.

  18. earlman27 said,

    James, Venom is too big of a plot point in the Spiderman universe to be dropped after half a movie, they left that one part in the jar at Connors’ for a reason, they will (hopefully) bring back Venom in the sequels.

    Do you agree DS?

  19. twisted dragonshensei said,

    yeah. I wants to see Venom again. But that’s why he’s getting his own movie. So Venom might not make a return. But I do believe Carnage will. And the Lizard.

  20. twisted dragonshensei said,

    You’re a thinker Reed. We like that. If you want you could visit my sites.

  21. Reed said,

    part 3 of 3…

    Venom continues is crime spree with mixed reactions from the public. He kills the criminals and injures bystanders who get in his way. Aunt may tries to get Peter to become spider-man again and stop Venom, but Peter lost all motivation. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors and Silvermaine test the symboit on a convicted crimial named cassiedy and in turn creat carnages, who goes on an uncontrollable killing spree inside of silvermaines lab. connors gets his hands on a sample of the suit and flees the sceen. Silvermain and his men finally bring Carnage to a stand-still were silvermaine offeres him a deal, he would and could to anything he wanted with full financial and enforcing support from silvermain if he could capture or kill spider-man. Carnage agrees and sets off to hunt spider-man down. Carnage comes across Venom attacking a group of thugs, and initually goins in. Venom is wearly at first but grows to trust the symboit when it is revealed that carnage is a spawn of Venom. However, Carnage contiunes to kll everyone, even when the thugs are incapitated and Venom tries to interjects, Angry, swears revenge on venom and stumples upon the half dead Scorpion. Wanting to kill him at first, Carnage realized that the Scorpion is mutated human much like himself and brings him back to silvermain. Scorpion begs Silvermain to undue his curse and Silvermain agrees as long as the scorpion does a favor for him first; of course, help casidy kill venom and spider-man. The two leave and hunt down Gwen and her father while at a bank. Carnage ends up killing Gwen and Captian Stacey wich is reported later on the news. Thinking this was Venom’s duing, Spider-man no guilt ridden, tracks down Venom, vowing to take his life for what happened. He meats Venom and brutally attacks the man, souting all kinds of acutations agains him. Venom is confused by fights back due to his hatred for spider-man. Just when Spider-Man is about to destory Venom, the truth comes out. and the two resulve to end the reign of carnage. Venom, able to since his counter part, winds up at Silvermains lab and a battle insues. Scorpion takes on Spider-Man who pleads with him to stop and that he can help him. Scorpion is still pissed at peter for almost killing him realier and rufuses to listen. Meanwhile Venom takes on Carnage but is easily overpowered by him. Scorpion ends up destorying most of the lab and ends up defeating himself when acid from tail eats at a wire and he is electricuted. Silvermain starts to retreat to the helicotor at the top of the building and away from the batle. With Venom incapasitatied, Spider-Man takes on Carnage, who is unaware of the symboites weakness net. after a gruling battle Spider-man is able defeat Carnage using the failsafe plan that Dr. Connors and Silvermain put together in order to controll Carnage. Venom inturupts and absorbs Carnage, claiming that he killed him for killing his love, Gwen. Venom becuase the ultimate Venom and heads up to the roof to Stop Silvermain. Spider-man tries to inturject the Ultimate Venom proves to be too powerfull for Spider-man and Silvermains helicopter is pushed off the roof before it starts up. Spiderman is able to save silvermain and Dr. Connors from the helicopter which enrages Venom. Venom then grabs spiderman and heads off twoards the powere plant that Spider-man threw the remains of Connors sample into at the beggining of the movie. Spider-man tells Venom that this is not how a hero should act, rather that he should be self sacrificing and not kill for his own emotioins. A battle follows in wich Venom is about to through spider-man into one of the fire pits. However, and insane scorpion apears and atacks venom, insane with getting out of this suit. Venom falls fire pit but Spider-man attemts to save Venom. Venom attacks spiderman who loses his grip on Venom and Venom falls into the pit and is destroyed. The power-pant overloads and Scorpion is caught in the blast and the building crumbles. Spiderman shows up at graduation a few weeks later, still sad that Gwen is not there to share the moment with the rest of the class. Spider-man notices that Dr. Connors isn’t at the cerimony. Skip to the lab were an insane doctor connors injects himself with a antidute and his arms grows back… however his is transformed into the lizard…. Aunt May congradulates Peter and all he as acomplished and Mary Jane anounces that she is pregnant. ….. Spiderman recives word of a “moten man” spotted downtown and leaves the graduation… “go get en tiger” sort of thing. ……..roll credits.

    Skip to the power plant were you see the still body of a beaten scorpion and a piece of black liquid starting to mold over his hand….(possible a piece of the venom suit that is broked off during the final battle.)

  22. Reed said,

    where there is my idead for the next movie in a horrible mis speelled nutshell. still working out a few problems, like the fist be villain that venom defeats should be working for Spider-man and the whole BRock trieng to get back with Gwen thing, but i’m getting there. So tell me what you think please, even if you don’t like it cause it will give me a good idea on how to change the story and what not…..

    (P.S. If you did like it just ask and i’ll post up my spider-man 5 script somethime. still in progess but hey i might get some good ideads out of it.)

  23. Reed said,

    thanks twisted drangonshenshi for the support. i’m trying to see if i can work the lizard in instead of the scorpion. so if you have any ideas please sugest them.

  24. Reed said,

    working for silvermaine, not spiderman sorry…..comment number 22

  25. cam said,

    is carnage going to b black or red???

  26. earlman27 said,

    Not sure yet. Probably red. Hopefully, that way the audience is able to distinguish.

  27. The James said,

    well….he is red in the comics, so…

  28. cam said,


  29. earlman27 said,

    sarcastic or…

  30. The James said,

    of course it is sarcastic!

  31. earlman27 said,

    welll exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcccccuuuuussseeee you James. THat’s also sarcastic.

  32. earlman27 said,

    Or sardonic.

  33. The James said,

    wow…you sounded like link for a min…

  34. Pete said,

    i think putting carnage in would be a mistake not cause hes not cool, hes actually my fav villain but hes just to powerful. And they said there making 3 more movies. I think they should wait till the six one to put him in. I reckon they should bring back some of the old villains like lizard for shaw and maybe kraven seeing how hes a hunter and it would work really well with him and lizard in the same movie

  35. earlman27 said,

    Interesting Idea. I personally just want to see Lizard in the next one. Any other villain alongside him would be fine. Or they could have just quit making them.

  36. The James said,

    GO PETE!!!

  37. dave said,

    I was just about to say the same thing Pete, about having Lizard and Kraven in the next Spiderman film because Kravens a hunter and he wants to hunt the Lizard first and then finds out about Spiderman and wants to catch both of them.

  38. SpiderStan said,

    dude, reed, that idea is awesome. i am just putting this out there so i don’t know what the major fans of spider-man (the ones that know everything that happens in the spiderman universe) but i don’t personally think they should kill off gwen right away. she is a new character in the movie version of spiderman. let her character grow a little more so she is a little more intertwined in Peter’s life so it will be a bigger impact. kill her off in the 5th movie. that way her character can become more of an impact in Peter’s life when she dies.

  39. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Man, I can’t believe this post is still getting comments.

  40. SpiderStan said,

    its not that old of a post

  41. twisted dragonshensei said,


  42. dave said,

    I’m posting this here because this place gets more comments.
    heres my idea for the last spiderman film.
    jake gyllenhaal to play peter parker/spiderman and natalie port man to play mary jane watson.
    i think for the last spiderman film venom and carnage should be the villains because it will be the biggest battle ever. making the first appearance of carnage and the return of venom having the symbiote from dr connors escape in a preivous film and have it build up for him to return in other films. and john jameson should be the new venom because hes pissed off at peter for stealing mary jane and have that build up in past movies too until he becomes venom and finds out peter is spiderman. for carnage the venom symbiote splits into 2 and 1 gets a chemical spilled onto it with new cells and traits and it turns red (carnage). cletus cassidy as carnage, while he tries to rob a bank and holds people hostage and the red symbiote followed cletus in the bank and attached itself to him while spiderman tries to deal with cletus. and when spiderman took care of cletus, cletus goes to jail and turns into carnage in his cell while sitting and laughing and then escapes. carnage goes out into the city and test what he could do while doing that he destroys everything and spiderman comes in and thinks its venom but realizes its not but similar they enter into a battle and looks even but then carnage starts whooping him and escapes leaving questions for peter. the rebirth of venom, after the battle with carnage the black symbiote follows spiderman when he swings away, spiderman stops in an alley where the symbiote follows and then walks by john jameson. out of the corner of his eye he sees something and follows to see and takes a peek and sees spiderman taking off his mask and finds out that peter is spiderman, surprised by it he bumps into a trash can and knocks over the lid and hides. with the black symbiote coming close to attaching itself to peter but with the noise peter flees as the symbiote almost attaches. john looks again and sees nothing he goes to where he saw pete and then the symbiote jumps onto johns jacket, he looks around and gets angry. john is at his house and thinking of how to get back at peter but then the symbiote attaches to john and he tries to get it off but its all over his entire body and then he crashes out of the window with the suit almost completely engulfing him. crashes into the the ground of an alley making a small crater and rises the new venom, smiles and the screen goes blank. the next day aunt may is in the hospital because she is very sick but that is revealed earlier and peter is swinging around the city and all of a sudden he’s attacked by venom and is tied by web and stuck on a wall of a building. Venom says why do you have a mask on i know who you are, peter says i thought you were dead eddie, venom: i’m not brock i am poison to spiderman i am venom. And then says you stole my love away from me and now i’m gonna take yours and swings away peter realizing that it’s john jameson thats venom and that hes goning for aunt may, breaks out of the web and tries to catch up to venom. venom reaches the hospital and just as he gets to aunt mays window spiderman knocks him down and they fight swinging around and fighting on the building walls as venom keeps trying to gey to aunt may but at the last second pete shoots his web and pulls venom away into the air and venom shoots back and swings him though a building and into a parade with venom nowhere to be found but still sensing him, he sees john in his human form and sees him taking gwen aside and disappears and spiderman follows and then sees gwen tied up in web hanging from one of the balloons and mary jane is there and sees her and sees peter and venom, she gathers a couple of people to try and save gwen from falling. as spiderman tries to save gwen venom keeps pulling him away with his web and attacking on top of another balloon, spiderman then forces venom to pop the balloon and then venom falls off. spiderman grabs gwen and then drops her as venom comes back and tackles him it looks like gwen is about to fall to her death but then she is caught by mary jane and other people holding a huge blanket and pete sees and throws venom through a building adn goes in after but venom is gone. peter goes outside and looks at maty jane and she looks back and nods to her and making peter wonder how john got the symbiote and if its related to carnage somehow.

  43. The James said,

    natalie port man to play mary jane watson?! What?!?!?!

  44. dave said,

    yeah thats right!

  45. dave said,

    did you even read the whole thing?

  46. The James said,

    no; I stopped after Natalie portman. I just can’t imagine it.

    “Peter…your breaking my heart”

  47. dave said,

    just read the damn thing!
    it’s prettey good.
    how about mandy moore as mary jane?

  48. The James said,

    “John jameson should be the new venom”


    Are you on something? That would be like making Norman Osborne be the lizard!

    “venom reaches the hospital and just as he gets to aunt mays window spiderman knocks him down and they fight swinging around and fighting on the building walls as venom keeps trying to gey to aunt may but at the last second pete shoots his web and pulls venom away into the air and venom shoots back and swings him though a building and into a parade with venom nowhere to be found but still sensing him, he sees john in his human form and sees him taking gwen aside and disappears and spiderman follows and then sees gwen tied up in web hanging from one of the balloons and mary jane is there and sees her and sees peter and venom, she gathers a couple of people to try and save gwen from falling. as spiderman tries to save gwen venom keeps pulling him away with his web and attacking on top of another balloon, spiderman then forces venom to pop the balloon and then venom falls off. spiderman grabs gwen and then drops her as venom comes back and tackles him it looks like gwen is about to fall to her death but then she is caught by mary jane and other people holding a huge blanket”

    I will admit….that is good….but it was better when I saw the exact same thing on spectacular spider man yesterday! You copied that entire sequence from the cartoon!!! Did you really think that no one would catch it?

    Now I wanna read your others and see what other ideas you plagiarized!

  49. The James said,

    oh…you did not write anything else…just this same old stuff over and over.

    what kinda spider-man fan steals an episode and thinks he can call it his own idea!

  50. dave said,

    i’m sorry man i am just a real big spiderman fan and i wanted the movie i want to happen be the best. I did get the fight with venom from the show and thought that would be a great idea and put in but everything else in there is all me.
    besides you have to admit it would be great to see that in the movie, my bad man just like you i’m a big fan of spidey. no hard feelings?

  51. earlman27 said,

    How about this solution:

    Dave-You have some great ideas, and I would be honored to continue seeing them posted here, although some of your ideas weren’t exactly your own, you were a little harsh to James.

    James-You were a little harsh to Dave. Embrace him as a fellow Spider-fan (see what I did there) and be nice.

  52. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Arguing about SpiderMan get a life you two.

  53. The James said,

    I have a life! it involves arguing with fellow nerds online that I have never met about spiderman!

    Though, I still dissagree witht the fact that you stole an idea from the show…the day the episode came out….I gotta admit that out all of the Spectacular Spidrman eps that could be made into a movie so far…that is the best one!

    And I do think it is best to take elements from the comics and tv series…but not the exact same.

    but yeah…no hard feelings.

    Though….I have to ask you…why would john jameson be venom? Especially considering that he is man-wolf in the comics. (though…I kinda think they should leave man-wolf alone in the films 😉 )

    I think if venom got a new identity, it should be Mac Gargan. In the comics he was the Scorpion. (I think that would be a nice baddie in one of the movies) But later he bonded with the symboite and became venom.

    There were 3 more people who became venom in the comics, two of them were women One of the women was eddies ex-wife…there could be an interesting plot there…

  54. dave said,

    thanks for accepting my apology James.
    yeah i know that john jameson is man wolf and i agree they should leave that alone but it makes sense because in spiderman 2 he was about to get married to mary jane but she left him at the alter for peter and hes mad at peter for mj leaving him and now wants to get back at him(venom).
    i know that mac gargan aka scorpion gets the symbiote on him and it would staying true to the comics but it just seems too complicated for that to happen in a spidey flick, its a cool idea though.

  55. dave said,

    who should really replace Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson?

  56. The James said,

    hopefully no one. She is good at it.

    If she does not return for the new ones, I don’t want them to use another well known actress. Get an unkown.

  57. Nick P said,

    Reed I think you have a great idea for the next movies. But I dont think you should kill off Gwen so quickly. Instead i think the movie should start off with things on the steady with Mary Jane and Peter, like at the end of the 3rd movie. Gwen and Peter should go out in the 4th one and he should get close to her. I also think that they should incorporate the King Pin in. He is a great villain. I’m sure he can cause a lot of trouble for spiderman and make the story better.

  58. dave said,

    There are only a few women i could think and they are:

    1. Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers and Definitely, Maybe.

    2. Mandy Moore

    Thats it they are the ones that would most likely be fit to play MJ to me.

  59. The James said,

    I still think they should go with an unkown if they don’t get kierstien dunst.

  60. dave said,

    but if you had to choose, who would it be?

  61. earlman27 said,

    Maybe Natalie from Monk.

    I would definitely go with an unknown.

  62. SpiderStan said,

    who ever they have in this movie (old cast members and new ones) and whatever villains they matters but it doesn’t matter as much as most people think. its the story of the movie is what is important. it doesn’t matter if the major villain only has 15 minutes of screen time or an hours worth, as long as they have a good story line leading up to the fight between the two. the story better be great for the forth movie. and it better not end like every superhero movie does (all romantic, sad, heartwarming, happy) all i say is when they have the last movie come out it better have spiderman die. because they never do that

    i would like to see him fight a villain(i don’t care who as long as he puts up a hell of a fight) then he stabs something through spiderman after a major fight (like on top of the daily planet or some building high up) where the villain has already removed spidey’s mask during the fight and a helicopter with a camera crew is taping this whole thing live and everyone sees who he is. then spidey steps back after realizing he is defeated and keeps walking backwards til he falls off the building and hit s the ground. then they show the villain again and he is laughing his ass off. then mary jane (who had been previously running up the stairs of the building trying to reach peter as soon as she could, afterwards opens the door on top of the roof to see peter fall) gets real pissed and grabs the first thing she sees that could severly hurt the villain off the ground and runs towards the villain and right as he is turning around and sees M.J. its too late to do anything, she hits him right in the head with the device she picked up. the villain tumbles back and catches himself before he too falls off the building and taunts M.J. saying “no, no thats a bad little girl” then runs to attack her she turns around and runs trying to get to the door, but trips and she turns over and looks up and sees the villain coming for her. she starts to back up the feels a sharp metal device poke her she looks at it and looks at her attacker and suddunely he jumps onto her just as she grabs the metal device and points it up and kills the villain.

    that would be sweet, then they could end with what looks like a small funeral for peter parker/spiderman, then they zoom out (and as it zooms out it shows that the entire city is there to pay their respects)then end the movie

  63. dave said,

    cool, but the villain has to be someone badass but could still be killed.

  64. earlman27 said,

    Spiderstan, that doesn’t really seem like too good of an idea. You can’t kill Spiderman! Much less you can’t because the Daily Planet does not EXIST IN THAT UNIVERSE. that’s superman. That and I don’t think Mary Jane could kill the bad guy. Just my thoughts though. This is only my site.

    Also, could you guys watch the language?

  65. dave said,

    i cant believe spiderman 4 isnt coming out until 2011!
    its a long time to go and there still not doing anything yet, they could at least sign actors.

  66. earlman27 said,

    It’s harder than it seems

  67. The James said,

    well, I think script should be 1st priority.

    Though, I kinda think they should give it a rest. If they are not carefull, they will drive the series into the ground.

  68. dave said,

    yeah your right, they gotta come up with a good story first and then whatever

  69. dave said,

    if tobey doesn’t do spidey anymore, i hope they get jake gyllenhaal to play spidey

  70. earlman27 said,

    Yea, the movie is set for May 2011, I’ll probably see it none the less, however it won’t be as good with out the original cast. I’d personally leave it at 3 if noone was returning.

  71. dave said,

    the next one better be good because they got to make up for that last one, it wasn’t that good.

  72. earlman27 said,

    It pretty good. I liked it. It wasn’t the best one, but it was pretty good.

  73. dave said,

    i just hope that they have spideys mask rip again in the final fight scene because i hate when they do that, i wanna see spiderman not peter parker. they can have other parts of his suit ripped but not the mask.

  74. dave said,

    i meant dont have his mask rip and show his face

  75. nolanator said,

    Yeah I agree

  76. dave said,

    who is more likely to get recast Peter or Mary Jane and with who?

  77. The James said,

    Hopefully no one,

    If te original cast does not retun theyt need to stop making them.

  78. dave said,

    Nobody is going to forget about spiderman 3 so to make up for that they should remake it and cut out all the emo stuff and add more action and less confusing stuff and things an adult would believe.

    Same thing for future films!

  79. earlman27 said,

    Dave, Spiderman 3 was not that bad.

  80. nolanator said,

    I liked it.

  81. SpiderStan said,

    when i said my i dea i accidentally said Daily Planet. What i ment Daily Bugle

  82. dave said,

    okay it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t the best.

  83. earlman27 said,

    Okay. Sorry for being rude Spiderstan.

  84. SpiderStan said,

    its ok, earlman27. anyway i just thought that idea up as i was typing so of course it has flaws

  85. dave said,

    They definitely should only use 1 or 2 villains in the next spidey film.

  86. ThE ALmIGtY OnE said,

    hmm well i am thinking that venom is makin a comeback, he is way too big of a character to just go out like that. i mean come on the sandman had more action than him, and topher grace mentioned he signed for two spiderman films, i am hoping for that, but if not i hear carnage, kraven, and the lizard are number one spots on the fourth film, but raimi wants to put the sinister six in the mix, either way it has to be better than spiderman 3, i vote for carrot top to hit the carnage role, and oded fehr as kraven…

  87. 2 RONNY 4 U said,


  88. earlman27 said,

    Carrot Top? Really?

    Mysterio would have to be adapted extremely well to be taken seriously.

  89. earlman27 said,

    Maybe in 10 years we can see Christopher Nolan adapt the franchise and redo it.

  90. SpiderStan said,

    redo it. no there is no redoing it til i am dead. people redoing movies alway ruins the original

  91. earlman27 said,

    Take that back, not redo it, but reimagine it.

  92. dave said,

    i’m with you spiderstan, no redoing the spiderman saga it will ruin it.

  93. earlman27 said,

    Not redo, re-imagine…

  94. dave said,

    whats that suppose to mean?!!!

  95. earlman27 said,

    Use your imagination.

  96. dave said,


  97. SpiderStan said,

    redo and re-image is the same thing. everytime something is redone it sucks. i am sorry but it eliminates the original “magic” of a movie.

  98. earlman27 said,

    I disagree. What about the Tim Burton Batman back in 1989. People consider it a classic, and yet the “re-imagining” by Christopher Nolan is equally accepted. Re-imagining is not necessarily the same as redo. Redo implies sometimes that the original wasn’t good enough, like with the Hulk, but re-imagine can mean a different concept or view.

  99. nolanator said,


  100. dave said,

    they could re imagine spiderman 3

  101. earlman27 said,

    I’m talking the whole series.

  102. dave said,

    i’m just talking about 3

  103. earlman27 said,

    Like if another director like Nolan took over, he’d need to just redo the whole series. However I could see how just doing #3 would be nice.

  104. The James said,

    remake, redo, re-imagine – the act of taking a classic and coping it. they say it is so future generations may enjoy it… but it is really to make more money. And, yes, it always involves ruining the original.

    reboot – the act of taking something crappy (aka: the old hulk and batman movies) and redoing it to try to make up for the previous failure. (more often than not, a good thing)

  105. twisted dragonshensei said,

    why is this post still getting comments!?

  106. dave said,

    spiderman fan man!

  107. earlman27 said,

    So you’re saying that because Christopher Nolan is re-imagining the Batman universe (the new series has no relation with the old one), that it has ruined the original, either the Adam West or the Jack Nicholson version? I totally disagree. They’re just two different versions from two different director’s imaginations.

    The reboot is correct however, like the Hulk, or the Punisher this Winter.

  108. dave said,

    I liked the first punisher i don’t get why it got a reboot

  109. The James said,

    I see the new batman movies as a reboot of the old ones.

    cause the old ones sucked. not the other way around.

  110. earlman27 said,

    I (and several others) disagree.

    Batman (Adam West)-80%
    Batman 1989-69%
    Batman Returns-81%
    Batman Forever-44%
    Batman and Robin-12%

    Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Not bad enough to consider the new ones reboots.

  111. earlman27 said,

    They say that it’s very possible that Raimi and McQuire won’t show up and that it might end up something like The Dark Knight with a new director/lead man.

  112. The James said,

    I have only seen the one with the ice dude

  113. earlman27 said,

    That’s Batman and Robin, Mr. Freeze. The others are good.

  114. The James said,


  115. dave said,

    i hated that one, it was more for kids entertainment

  116. Reed said,

    alright how about the kingpin, spider-slayers, and the hob goblin or chamelon. In trueth i want to do the chameleon with kraven cause of there half brother status. I also have an idea for kraven, lizard, chameleon, and scorpion again so if anyone wants to hear my ideas just respond.

  117. Reed said,

    Yeah for the dark night.!!!!!

  118. Reed said,

    knight not night

  119. earlman27 said,

    The Dark Knight could very well be the darkest and maybe best comic book movie ever.

    Go ahead, tell the idea. It will only bring more visits to my site.

  120. dave said,

    i’d like to hear your ideas Reed

  121. SpiderStan said,

    ok there are a few exceptions tio a remake but not the spiderman movies.


  122. earlman27 said,


    Have you guys read or commented on ANY of my other posts? Like, at all?

  123. dave said,

    this one is fun

  124. The James said,

    this one is actually kinda sad.

  125. dave said,

    whatever man!

  126. earlman27 said,

    It kinda is. No need to get offensive. Just keep on in your Spider-happiness.

  127. Reed said,

    lol alright i’ll have my finished summery up in a few days. sorry been buissy watching batman….!!!!! great moive

  128. spidey said,

    spideys gonna run out of baddies before film 6

    anyway sorry that i’m gonna mension dc comics instead of sticking to marvel but batman awesome film ever and making a new baddie as well 2 face(dent)if u seen it u would now what i’m talkin about jokers scary at points sometimes u wish he was dead in the film but then u remmember that the actor is dead(heath ledger).

  129. nolanator said,

    Yeah, it’s sad that he died.

  130. earlman27 said,

    It really is. You don’t realize how sad it is or that he’s even dead until after you leave the movie theater. You’re thinking, hey, I can’t wait for his next movie, then you remember.

  131. M.Z said,

    I am a one of the biggest fans of spider-man,and did James and Dave ever stop arguing because I got bored after a while.

  132. Mitch and Connor said,

    I really think Carnage and Scorpion should be in it. I’d also like to see Lizard, Kraven, Man-Wolf and the Sinister Six. But I don’t know how they’d do that, because Doc Oc is already dead. If Vulture is going to be in the next movie, he should be a lot younger. Maybe Spiderman should get a red symbotite suit. I also think the Slingers should be in it even though they aren’t villains. By Mitch

    I really think that Carnage should definitely be in it. I also think that Scorpion, Swarm, Man-Wolf, and Lizard of course, could be in it. I think Jackal would have a great storyline. Hobgoblin would be great too. I definitely think that Spiderman should have another hero in it besides Black Cat. The villains I think would not be good are Shocker, Vulture, Jack-o-lantern, Gibbon, Hydroman, Kingpin and the Thousand. By Connor

  133. M.Z said,

    How many movies will there be.

  134. dave said,

    3 more

  135. earlman27 said,

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m tired of this post getting comments.

  136. The James said,

    me too…you do know you can lock comments on a post, right?

  137. Mitch and Connor said,

    the movie beter come out soon

  138. Mitch and Connor said,

    Morlun should be in the next movie because Mitch is
    5 T

  139. nolanator said,

    I think the next one comes out in 2011.

  140. Cody Lake said,

    well, i believe that mysterio wuld be a great villin, even with the fish boel the fog in the helmet could be digitally put in the helmet to conseal the identity,
    now as far as villin choices,
    the lizard would be smart but only as a side villin, as a hero struggles to save his freind it would fit a story plot, i have also heard rumers from a very relible sorce that electro would star in the new movie. but with his story its a bit far flexed, man gets struct by lightning than has electirc powers ect…
    but i also heard the volture, but only as a side villen, he would not be able to captivate an audence as the main antagonis.
    Now about Carnage, yes it would be amazing to see him and it is set up quite well to bring him in as the next main villin but its ify.

  141. ElBeaster said,

    Sorry for the grammatical errors.

    I didn’t proofread.

    But then again, nobodies gonna read it.

  142. ElBeaster said,

    My post got deleted. Why?

    I admit, it was long a completely irrelevant and I only worte it because I was extremely bored…. but I still don’t understand why.

  143. earlman27 said,

    You said that noone was going to read it. I took it as an insult to myself and deleted it.

  144. Tom L said,

    Carnage is in it and so is the lizard. the venom suit doesnt survive the blast, carnage will come from the piece of venoms suit that the doc has. He experiments with it and it goes haywire turning the venom piece into the classic red as it escapes and bonds with cletus cassidy

  145. dragonshensi said,

    where did ya read that?If it’s just a rumor, don’t speak.I don’t care for rumors.Plus, Lord people!There are other posts on this site!

  146. dave16 said,

    where is everybody?

  147. dave16 said,

    Tobey’s back! OMFG!

  148. TheDarKnight said,

    Look their not gonna put any villains in that people havnt really heard of. Uno villains in the comic books only. Like manwolf, Chamilien, Morlyn. These villains are only recognised in the cmoics. People wanna see the villains that are shown in the tv series and games. The villains that i think is a must to put in the rest of the films are. (in any order) Lizard but if they have lizard they should have kraven aswell. Sorpion, has a great story that would fit easly into a film. vulture. Can you imagine a spidy, vulture air battle. Would probly come close to the dock ock , spidy fight on the train. Even though my favourite battle is the end battle with goblin and spiderman. Electro, one of the most powerfull villains, with an unbelievable story. Cmon gets electricuted while working on powerlines. Its more unbelievable then sandman and venom. But he is incredibly powerful. And some other cool enemies would be, shocker, mysterio, and carnage but it just wouldnt work without venom.

  149. timtimtimmay said,

    they could always use a character like scorpian or hydro man

  150. timtimtimmay said,

    … or maybe even the kingpin

  151. timtimtimmay said,

    or they could even involve the black cat

  152. dragonshensi said,

    Or how about they don’t even make another one?

  153. earlman27 said,

    I’ve kinda gotten over the spiderman movies.

  154. SpiderStan said,

    wait if the next one comes out in 2011 when does the Avengers movie come out? i thought it was coming out in 2011 but if so many superhero movies are coming out in 2011 then when is it coming out.

    Yes thats right i am back in black(i am wearing a black t-shirt right now)

    hey earlman27, what happened to The James and Dave and reed, are they no longer in this disccusion. they had such great ideas

  155. nolanator said,

    Yeah, the last one was a let down.

  156. Timinator said,

    hey reed, i love your idea of how they story should go but
    in the first spiderman video-game the scorpian is already around

  157. andre said,

    i read something about taking morlun on spidey 4 and not taking carnage,lizard,venom and hey, i think that i mean its all like kinda strange to add something that isnt suposed to be there.so i agree with thedarkknight.

  158. andre said,

    ive seen a very tragic vid on youtube. and it shows spiderman DEAD!!!!!!!!!! i hope it was a fake one .and anyway,spidey cant die because if he does in the movie, im not going to be a fan of him and u guys wont be 1 too right?

  159. The James said,

    Uh…I hope he does not die in the new movie, but if he does I will still be a spiderman fan.

  160. dragonshensi said,

    He won’t die. It was fake. They were planning on making like 3 more films. Plus, the hero never dies in movies, and if he does, the movie tends to suck.

  161. andre said,

    just kidding. i will still be a fan of him but my friend said he will die in the movie and plus, i think he’s kind of lame to think spidey will die .and the next day he said mysterio is carnage.hahahahaha super lame right?

  162. andre said,

    Wait a minute. Reed’s first idea means that spiderman will die because he wrote :venom will return to ruin spiderman’s life but teams up with spiderman because carnage killed gwen stacy. Then absorbs the carnage symbiote and betrays spiderman and kills him. A bad idea right?

  163. The James said,

    …uh….whatever you say….

  164. andre said,

    dont u think its funny anyway?

  165. The James said,

    …uh…whatever you say…

  166. andre said,

    uh… is that all you are going TO SAY!?!?

  167. earlman27 said,

    Listen Andre… This post was wrote in March. It’s November, almost December. I believe enough has been said. I’ve secretly deleted extra comments on this post, and consider deleting the post in of itself. Enough has been said.

  168. The James said,

    you do know that you can lock a post so no-one can comment, right?

  169. Huey Freeman said,

    I think that Carnage should be played by that guy from scooby doo who played shaggy or Jim Carrey. Also Kraven should be a villian hunting the lizard. u know wata be cool if Carnage kills Kraven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAzerd

  170. Huey Freeman said,

    oh yeah in the 6th movie SInister 6

    u feel mah

  171. Huey Freeman said,

    Ya’ll remember that guy who was in the first movie who spiderman thought killed his uncle he should’of been da vulture ya digg

  172. earlman27 said,

    Listen “bro”, I don’t feel ya, and judging by your choices in superhero villains, I don’t think I wanna feel you. The only times I dig are when I’m diggin’ the graves of those who went up against me. I’ll take you down to Chinatown. Ya heard straight homeskillet, it gonna get real up in here. I speak more jive than those guys on Airplane.

  173. nolanator said,

    Earl, never do that again.

  174. billy said,

    yea too bad the lizard was defeated in spiderman 3 the game
    think people

  175. Random kid said,

    Wow guys, is this still getting commented on?

  176. earlman27 said,

    Yes, unfortunately.

  177. themightyspaniard! said,

    I just hope it doesn’t go the same direction as number three…ya know…sucking and all.

  178. symbiote lover said,

    I think they should take a break from spider man and bring in toxin

  179. dave16 said,

    Earl if u dont want anymore spiderman comments just tell them to go to my site and comment there:


  180. dragonshensi said,

    Close this post. Lord have mercy.

  181. earlman27 said,

    I’m considering it

  182. the james said,

    you can lock comments, so no one can comment, but you don’t have to close the post.

  183. Jerry said,

    To all you people who say carnage won’t be in it your wrong.if they ever going to put him in it has to be now.

  184. earlman27 said,

    Listen Jerry, noone likes a crazy fanboy.

  185. bob flip said,

    this is going to be sweet

  186. sf said,

    i think carnage, venom that revives, the hobgoblin and at tehe very end black cat but to make it fast carnage venom and hobgoblin died forever u want to know why so put “sf why???”

  187. sanjix1 said,

    i truly believe that at the end of spiderman 4 robert downey jr should walk up to peter congradulating him on his graduation (following reed’s idea) and offer him a job as an avenger like the end of the incredible hulk. peter will say yes will great enthusiasm.

  188. SpiderStan said,

    noooooooooo……….. this think tank is dead.

    i couldn’t save it in time,

    anyway i don’t think they are doing a new spiderman, i think the last one was so bad that they may have thought to bring him back in the avengers movie

  189. earlman27 said,

    Dude, they’re doing another one. It’s confirmed for 2011 in May.

  190. lee brandin said,

    ithink that miss natalie portman will make a great symbiote villan in the january 2010, film spider-man 4 the
    movie, as scream the symbiote, but, the movie needs more characters like, micheal clarke duncan kingin in the movie,… and with thomas hayden church sandman in the
    movie,……. and with jim carrey cletus cassidy carnage,…. that will be great,…. that will be perfect,…

  191. JokerFan44 said,

    Electro Electro has to be in one hes beastly Better than the Lizard

    And Mysterio or Kraven
    I ve had enough of this symbiote crap

  192. eddie said,

    they for got about the king pin

  193. Joshua said,

    I think they should have sandman come back in the fourth one,because remember in the third one when they were done fighting he just left. I think they should bring him back again. But this time ,they make him help spider-man. I’ve seen all the spiderman movies from 1-3. I don’t think they should put the lizard in this one.

  194. Joshua said,

    Here is my 1of1 story
    Doc Connors Has apeice of the symbiote with him still. While Dr.Connors is working on his arm,somehow the smymbiote gets on him and he trys to get it off. But he’s to late.
    Then five days later, While Peter Parker (in his spidey suit.) is swinging around and suddenly he gets attacked by venom (doctor Connors.). They fight for a little while . Then Doctor Connors explains how he became venom. Then suddenly right before venom slaps spidey in the face (When he became venom he got shap claws.), he gets hit by a crane.It throws a ways back, then suddenly he (Venom) gets knocked out by a pipe hitting him in the head. Spidey gets to him and gets the black suit off of him. But when he does,Dr. connors gets mad at him. He pushes spidey off of him. But then he realizes spidey killed the black suit so he promises revenge. and so spidey goes home felling guilty. The end.

  195. andre said,

    who gives anyway theres not going to be another spidey 4 just a goddamn reboot plus this is andre

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