Top Ten April Fool’s Pranks You Probably Shouldn’t Pull

March 31, 2008 at 5:15 pm (Top Ten, Weapons of Mass Enjoyment)


  1. Telling someone their already-in-poor-health relative has just passed, tell them it’s a prank, and realize it is true.
  2. Give someone the wrong answers to a test. It’s even less funny if it’s a Final Exam or Mid Term.
  3. Replace all of the footballs with basketballs right before the state championships, or fill them with a heavy gas.
  4. Convince your friend that likes a girl that he likes him even more. (DS, don’t get any ideas)
  5. Fill someone’s locker with jello, oh wait, that is a good one…Noted.
  6. Convince Paranormalists (DS) that they found water on Mars (See above)
  7. Announce over the school’s intercom the prom, graduation, all sporting events, and going home has been cancelled.
  8. Go to a Cathedral, and when they’re sprinkling the holy water on you shout “IT BURNS, IT BURNS!!!”
  9. Convince everyone we’re being attacked by a foreign country that has no reason to attack us like Canada.
  10. Pretend like you’re actually interested in this post.


  1. The James said,

    lol…I like it! I like it!

  2. dragonshensei said,

    They did find water on Mars you doof.

  3. nolanator said,

    Ha Ha! Funny picture.

  4. earl said,

    Thanks, that was actually a prank someone pulled recently.

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