Hands-On with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

April 5, 2008 at 3:26 pm (Video Games)

Naughty Dog, the makers behind Jak and Daxter, have popped out a new idea child, this time entitled Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune, and I got to spend some time testing it out. The story, or what I played of it, follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter on a search for his ancestor’s great treasure. Along with him are a reporter and his older friend Sully, who help him along the way. I’ve just gotta say that the graphics in the game were some of the best I’ve ever seen, the character models, the water effects, and environments were all great. The voice acting was also pretty well done. The only real problem I had with the game was the shooting reticle. In intense firefights it would have been a little better to have had a better aiming system so I could see what I was shooting at. Other than that, the combat was fun, the cutscenes were nice, and the whole game just gave off this Indiana Jones’ epic adventure feel I love to see in video games. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun ride of a game, Uncharted is definitely a good pick.



  1. dragonshensei said,

    Would you have liked to played it some more? The shooting just takes a little getting use to.

  2. earl said,

    Well, I got my fill. What I meant was that you can’t see the thing in the middle of the screen where you’re shooting, which is kinda bad since you can’t see it in the middle of firefights!

  3. dragonshensei said,

    so that’s a no? Man you don’t know what you’re missing.

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