The Magic of Music

April 5, 2008 at 6:17 pm (Music, The Way Earl Sees It)

This is another article I wrote for the school paper. I came up with this one, no inspiration from girls. (Inside Joke)

You may be in the local grocery store, or the newest department store in the mall. It might even be on the drive home after school, but eventually you’ll come across that song that really gets your foot tappin’. Your adrenaline starts to flow, and pretty soon you’re playing air guitar and hoping no one’s watching. Or maybe you really get inspired by that song that you love so much and want to take the world on…again. It might even be that song that reminds you of a loved one that you miss or a friend you don’t spend as much time with. It’s no doubt that music is definitely one of the strongest art forms. We listen to it on the way to work or school, we spend hundreds of dollars on Ipods or Itunes, or practically anything with the word I- in it. We all love music, no matter what kind. Different people’s taste for music can be as diverse sometimes as religion or types of food. Some like the country tales of Trace Atkins and Rascall Flatts, others like more of the rock stylings of Cheap Trick, The Who, or a little band I’m sure no one’s heard of, AC DC. They’re just a little rock band, nothing special. You might even enjoy Rap, for whatever reason that may be. Music has a strange power over us; I’m not talking about some subliminal field that comes out of the radio, but more like an influence or a powerful force that can bring out several emotions. I hope you can see what I’m saying here. Like I said earlier, there’s no denying the fact that music is one of the great art forms the world has ever seen. I love music, I have my own playlist on Windows Media Player, have an MP3 player filled with The Fray, Styx, Queen, The Who, Todd Rungen, etc, and listen to 107.3 when other stations fill with the mindless dribble or advertisements. I have never gone to a Labor Day sale the day after Labor Day, and never will. Next time you’re listening to your favorite band I hope you realize the true Magic of Music. 




  1. dragonshensei said,

    You’re right. Some music bring a freakin tear to my eyes.

  2. dragonshensei said,

    Good post. Very well-written.

  3. earl said,

    Thanks, I was gonna use this one, in fact I already had it in, with pictures picked out, but L. sent me that other idea…and she is perty. Next month I’ll have to do something senior-related, but it’ll end up in the Informer eventually. The Trojan Informer…the lost issue.

  4. The James said,

    wow…this fits in SO well with the article I am writing…(you will see soon)

  5. earl said,

    I’ve imported “THe Gang Invasion into the Informer already.

  6. The James said,

    ok then

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