In Memory of Stanley Kamel/Dr. Kroger

April 10, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Television)

You may have heard from the news or from Nolanator’s comment, but the actor Stanley Kamel, most famous for his role on Monk as Dr. Charles Kroger, passed away at his home Tuesday. He suffered from a heart attack and will be missed by his co workers. How Monk will be affected is yet to be determined. He was 65 years of age when he passed. 


  1. The James said,

    that’s so sad…. 😦

  2. Tommy said,

    This is sad news. I hope his family finds peace, RIP.

    Thanks, Tommy

  3. earl said,

    This may be inappropriate, but it would make sense for them to do an episode where he’s murdered, but Mr. Monk Gets A New Shrink kinda covered that. I really hope they don’t replace him, he was a huge and great part of the show.

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