The Force Unleashed Multiplayer!

April 15, 2008 at 5:40 am (Pictures, Video Games)

As you (James) may already know, Star Wars: THe Force Unleashed will be coming to the Wii with some exclusive motion sensing abilities, which totally make up for it not having the shiny graphics or new technology, I just wanna use motion sensing with a lightsaber. However, you may not know that the Wii Version supports multiplayer, a versus Street Fighter aspect if you will, just with lighsabers. Look out Super Smash Bros.!



  1. dragonshensei said,

    I hope the graphics aren’t that crappy.

  2. earl said,

    That’s just one screenshot, the others could look better. It’s a known fact no matter what game Hayden Christensen is in, he makes the graphics look awful.

  3. nolanator said,

    I think this game looks pretty good. Plus I found out you get to play as Darth Vader.

  4. The James said,

    You need to scale the image down then link the picture to its source. That should make it look better…or at least less lop-sided

    ….I think the graphic will suffer for the wii version but that will be ok is the content is good….even still….it does not look that bad….just don’t stare at the faces…

  5. KingreX32 said,

    Old post yeah I know.
    But the Force Unleashed on the Wii was pretty good. Especially the graphics. They were watered down but not alot. It was mostly textures.

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