Mariokart Wii Review

May 4, 2008 at 12:16 pm (Video Games)


Reggie Fils-Aime stood upon a stage back in July of last year, all eyes on him. He stood upon that stage, full of charisma and power, and confirmed that the next installment in the Mariokart franchise would be coming to store shelves soon. Now, most of you reading this might not know who Mr. Fils-Aime is. Mr. Fils-Aime is the American Head of Nintendo, and is a big head (ha, you see he actually does have a big head) of the gaming industry. The basic concept of the game is simple. You pick one of many characters from the Mario universe, you pick from a variety of karts, and then you race. During the race there are multiple power-ups, attacks, and the like to gain and use against your opponents. The idea is pretty simple, but in use it can become very chaotic and fun, one of the trademarks and great things about this game. This is the first installment on the Wii, and thus it enables you to use the Wiimote to control your racer. Conveniently the game comes with a wheel you can plug your Wiimote into. The wheel feels really sturdy, not flimsy or too light, but like a wheel. However, as with some of Nintendo’s earlier and bigger games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the game offers you the option of using the GameCube controller. Basically, if you preferred using the Wiimote in Brawl, you’ll probably wanna use it here. Both methods work fine; I however like the feel of using the wheel packaged in. The graphics in the game are really the only down point in the game. The graphics on certain characters are a little pixel-y sometimes; they just didn’t look quite finished, not quite polished as Brawl was. That and sometimes your enemies attacks/rubberband effect can be a little annoying, sometimes overwhelming. This series is also known for frantic fun with multiplayer as well, and this iteration is no different It offers support including 2-4 players, or you can join races online and race friends across the world, that is if you have friends in other continents. The game just really succeeds at being fun; it provides a great fun atmosphere that makes for a great time. I personally had a blast with this game, and if you’re looking for a fun, simplistic racer on the Wii, this is definitely a good choice.

4 out of 5



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  1. The James said,

    I liked this game… It was crazy fun

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