Guitar Hero 4 Behind the Music

May 15, 2008 at 4:41 pm (Video Games)

The newest installment in the Guitar Hero franchise, creatively titled Guitar Hero 4, will be ground breaking for not only for the franchise, but for the entire music genre of games. The game will be following in the footsteps of Rock Band by including vocals, drums, and the ability to make your own tracks, from the lyrics down to the meticulosity with note charts. The thought had ran through my mind before when jamming out with Colt. The game’s drum set will include 3 pads, two cymbals, and a pedal. The game will allow you to initially create 5 songs in “Studio Mode” but then, if you are recognized after uploading them on the net, you can “get signed” and earn the right to make more songs. The game is due for release this fall on the Wii, 360, PC, PS3, DS, and PS2.



  1. nolanator said,

    This game looks awesome!

  2. twisted dragonshensei said,


  3. The James said,

    sweet, can’t wait to try

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