Dwight vs. Megatron

May 29, 2008 at 12:49 pm (Movies)

(Insert Fart Joke Here)

Rainn Wilson, also known as Dwight K. Shrute on The Office has been cast in the new sequel to Transformers, Transformers ….. 2. Wilson is scheduled to cameo as a college professor to Sam Witwicky, who is now in college. All of the other cast has signed on to reprise their roles in the sequel, filiming began this month. The exact storyline is not yet known exactly, however interest has been shown in a back-story, while exploring more of the sci-fi elements. Micheal Bay was also wanting to incorporate the dinobots and constructocons, also having an aircraft carrier as part of the storyline. The writers are also trying to balance out the human and transformer storyline, making them even. Are they sure Monk isn’t in the movie? That would be awesome. Micheal Bay has also scouted out several filming locations, including Egypt, several colleges, some steel sites in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, several museums, Washington DC, and Jordan. The success of the first movie opened the gate for many financial possibilities in the sequel, I’ll definitely be in line when the movie launches hopefully on its scheduled release day of June 26th of next year.



  1. everydayman said,


    The assistant to the manager is gonna be a Robot this time… hahah…. How bout assistant to the megatron… hahaha


  2. earlman27 said,

    Thanks for the insight everydayman, it’s hard for the regular viewers here to get my office references. Nice to have a fellow office fan to talk to.

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