Preview-In Plain Sight

May 29, 2008 at 9:18 am (Television)

It’s no secret that I usually enjoy the shows on USA Network, make that any NBC network. Except Sci-Fi. Anyway, some of my favorite shows air on USA, including Psych and Monk. So it’s no wonder I’m getting a little excited for USA’s newest series, In Plain Sight. The show follows Mary Shannon and her partner Marshall, two agents in the witness protection program. Mary has to take people from their normal lives out of harm’s way and into newer, safer lives, all while dealing with her own complicated ordeals. The show definitely doesn’t look like more of a comedic show, but it looks sorta compelling, and I’m definitely going to give it a try. The show premieres this Sunday night on USA Network at 9:00 PM Central Time.



  1. Robin Mauer said,

    USA has found a flop with this new series. Although Mary McCormack shows potential, the writers seem like they’re still on strike. The plot containted more holes than a swiss cheese factory. If she is such a good marshal, then why does she squeem seeing a dead body and feel the urge to close the eyes of the other murder victim? Oh wait, I forgot the premise of the show. She is a good cop, but she’s human.

    This show is almost geared to an audience of Lifetime with their constant use of girltalk.

    Cristian de la Fuente seems like he has a promising role and seemed hurt being a booty call. I’m sure the writers will have the relationship develop between Raphael and Mary because you can’t help but to feel this isn’t the first NSA sexual relationship Mary has been in.

    Bobby D’s character is overexaggerated, as was his performance. The expected flirting was there, but he seemed to fit every stereotype. He wants to impress Mary, flirts with her, acts like the hotshot, etc.

    Jinx and Brandi seem like possible storylines with depth that will happen in the future. Brandi being a drug addict? That was too much coke for a casual user. This is reminiscent of the M. Douglas in Traffic playing the anti-drug Federal Judge with the drug addict daughter. That was about the only long-term storyline that seemed to develop. Jinx looks more like Mary’s sister than Mom.

  2. earlman27 said,

    I wasn’t too sure of the show either, it’s definitely no Monk or Psych, however looked to be a solid view for a lazy Sunday night. I don’t know how far the show will go, doubt it will go the 7 seasons Monk has spanned, but think it could be some success.

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