Guitar Hero: The DS

June 12, 2008 at 2:12 pm (Video Games)

You should know (whether from my site or some other less important site) that one of the newest Guitar Hero installments, Guitar Hero: On Tour, should be hitting stores soon, more specifically, June 22nd. However there will also be a bundle for the Guitar Hero outing. A specific Guitar-Hero themed DS, with the Guitar Hero logo on the glossy silver top, along with a copy of the game, will be releasing on June 22nd as well. For any Guitar Hero enthusiast who hasn’t bought a DS yet, this looks like a great buy.



  1. Alexander R. said,

    I myself will not be buying it, but that’s only because I think it would not be difficult enough.

  2. nolanator said,

    I probably won’t buy a DS just because they slapped the Guitar Hero logo on the side.

  3. The James said,

    and I won’t be installing it cause I don’t like guitaur hero enough to pay for it. (just play other peoples copies)

    ….plus, I am broke… 😀 or I wold buy the battlefront psp!

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