Monk Season 7 Preview

June 14, 2008 at 3:27 pm (Television)

The newest season of my favorite show, Monk, will be premiering soon on July 18, 2008. I have been hunting the internet for episode titles, and I have finally found it. This season will hold Monk’s 100th episode, which for anyone that’s fluent in Monk, will know that that will be a big deal. It’s reported that the 100th episode will be an episode where Monk’s solved his 100th case for the city, and Dateline NBC is doing a special on him. The episode will serve as a clip show, and old cast members will come back, including John Turturro as Ambrose, Adrian’s brother. The episode will also show some of Monk’s victims, the people he’s convicted. Let’s also cross our fingers for an appearance by Sherona. The episode list so far is-


  • Mr. Monk Buys A House
  • Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever
  • Mr. Monk Take A Punch
  • Mr. Monk and the Genius
  • Mr. Monk Goes Underwater
It’s said that Brad Garret will be a guest star in Mr. Monk Buys A House and Robert Loggia will be in Mr. Monk Takes A Punch. This is also rumored to be the last season of Monk, so let’s hope this is the best yet. Any other information I come across I’ll post.




  1. twisted dragonshensei said,

    I can’t wait

  2. earlman27 said,

    Me neither. It’s gonna be great. However that’s also the night Dark Knight premieres.

  3. The James said,

    I miss monk

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