Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

June 27, 2008 at 12:02 pm (Video Games)


One of my favorite, if not all time favorite music-based game series has gotta be the Guitar Hero series. If you need me to explain or tell you what Guitar Hero is, come out from under your rock. The newest installment takes the series where it’s never been before: on the road. Guitar Hero: On Tour uses the DS’s GBA port for a handheld device to implement the classic array of buttons for the player to jam out with, uses the touch screen to strum the guitar, and watch your notes head for you on the left screen, all while holding the DS sideways, of course. I personally really enjoy the little peripheral, the buttons feel nice and smooth, and the playing experience during gameplay really comes across well-implemented and fun. I actually really enjoyed the songlist for this game, tracks like All Star, What I Want, Heaven, China Groove, and more really get my foot tappin. Sure it’s not the best songlist ever, but they portray the “on the go” presence. The graphics are good for the DS (I mean, come on, you can’t expect HD), and the audio, although fuzzy at times, is good for on the go. You’ll notice I keep coming back to “on the go”. That’s because that’s what this game is about, being able to take a fun rhythmn game on the go with you, to play on vacation, at a relative’s house, or any time you wanna drown out an annoying person with The Steve Miller Band. The only minor downpoints can be that the songlist is a little short and sometimes the presentation of menus and such can be a little lacking. I really enjoy this game, and look forward to playing it a lot more in the future and on the go.

4 out of 5  


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