Hancock Review

July 1, 2008 at 9:28 pm (Movies)

You may be wondering, “Earl, how are you reviewing Hancock, it doesn’t come out until the day after you’re reviewing it!?!” Well that’s because I caught an advanced screening, and I’m glad I did. Will Smith plays this superhero that everyone hates, that everyone dreads showing up to the crime scene. He ends up solving the problem, however causing even more trouble for the city. He eventually saves the life of a PR, Jason Bateman, who helps Hancock’s image and helps him to be better loved by the people. Throughout the movie the plot deepens, but I can’t say anything without ruining the ending. WIll Smith is great in this movie, just as you would expect him to be. The rest of the cast is pretty good as well. The movie does a satisfying job  at delivering both action and comedy, and fair amounts of each. The movie has some really funny moments, and some of the action scenes have you on the edge of your seat. However, my main problem was that the movie was just a little too short at 90 minutes. I 100% believe that this movie could have made good use of 30 more minutes, fleshing out a few more scenes and adding some more bulk to what could have been a confusing story. It just didn’t really feel like they spent enough time on it, like they were rushing through, and you couldn’t really keep up. There are just a lot of plot twists and turns for the second half that really throw you for a loop. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed this movie, I liked it, and it definitely succeeds at doing that, entertaining you. I must warn some though, this is not a movie for kids. There are several swear words in this movie, sometimes making me cringe. An f bomb is dropped, and several other terms are used that are NOT suitable for children. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS MOVIE. The main concept of the movie in the loser superhero is very entertaining, especially seeing Will Smith do it. Seeing him transition from homeless bum to good guy was the beautiful part of the movie. A lot of people said that the first half is the best, I personally found the second half to be more entertaining to myself. Anyway, Hancock definitely succeeds at what it tries to, being a fun summer movie. Although it has some length issues and some scenes felt a little rushed, and the language, this movie is entirely enjoyable to the older superhero fans. 

4 out of 5

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