The Great Debaters Review

July 7, 2008 at 9:40 pm (Movies)

Yea…My local video store didn’t have 10,000 BC, and some goofball erased all the other DVDs (hope you guys got that joke), plus there were no copies of Vantage Point, Spiderwick Chronicles, or even Drillbit Taylor so I ended up taking a chance with The Great Debaters. The story follows this school Wiley College back in the racial hate-filled 1935 during the Great Depression. This small town college’s debate team, led my Denzel Washington, is probably the best part of the movie, but would have been made better if they had just given him more time on screen. The debate team ends up being narrowed down to *Looking up names* James Farmer Jr, Henry Lowe, and Samantha Brooke, who are then called to the monumental task of facing Harvard. I’ve gotta say both Forest Whitaker and Denzel Washington do great jobs in this movie. The movie did a pretty good job at providing that racial hatred tension, and provided some fairly graphic scenes that made me jump, but you’re hearing this from the guy who cries every time he watches Extreme Makeover Home Edition, you be the judge. The movie also does a fairly good job at getting you to root for the underdog, and is fairly inspirational towards the end. The movie spans a running time a little over 2 hrs, which can feel pretty long considering it’s a movie about debate. Not to say I didn’t like the movie, it just kinda dragged on. For those of you who maybe don’t like slow pacing in movies like in Dan in Real Life *cough* DS *cough*, this is probably not the movie for you. However, if you’re looking for a pretty good drama about the underdog and you like Washington and Whitaker, this is a good rent for a Friday night. Speaking of the slower nature, I realized something later on the in the movie that was pretty funny. Towards the end of movies you’re supposed to have this big climatic ending where there’s a big competition and everything… Then I realized… They’re talking… That’s the climax.  Despite that, as I stated earlier this is a good film for fans of the genre or for those rainy days, however in a summer full of fast paced thrill rides, this one doesn’t  really fit in, however it is still an inspirational emotional movie. 

3 1/2 out of 5

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What’s to Believe?

July 7, 2008 at 1:38 pm (The Way Earl Sees It)

Basically on this site lately, it’s impossible for me to do any post that does not ignite a huge controversy where we might end up arguing about something totally unrelated. In this post I’m gonna state my opinion, because this is my site. I’m not gonna purposely try to offend anyone, I’m just gonna state what I believe to be correct.

I watch a lot of programs on the Discovery Channel, it’s part of my nerd code. However, something has sparked my attention lately. Discovery channel and the History Channel, naturally, ha a lot of science based programs, and one of their newest programs is entitled: The Universe. In one of the programs for this, they start to talk about evolution. “It took 55 million years for the eye to evolve…” So on and so forth. Most likely in this special they’re going to talk about how evolution and how this universe was formed out of the big bang theory, where supposedly all of these complex and brilliantly designed systems came into play by pure accident. Let me set something straight. I’m a Christian of 2 years. I firmly believe that there is a God, and that he created this universe. I understand that some people don’t believe that. However, even if you are an atheist, you have faith. Everyone has faith in something. Christians have the belief that there’s a God, atheists have faith there isn’t. That there’s nothing. A lot of school systems have taken Christianity out. They say “It’s unfair to force beliefs onto the children.” But isn’t atheism a belief system? I don’t wanna see evolution and the big bang theory advertised on TV, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t wanna see Christianity advertised on TV. I think if you’re gonna put something on TV for a broad audience, you might should put it in a neutral perspective. However, if you’re supporting evolution and big bang, you’re out-ruling Christianity and that’s offensive to me. I guess you can’t make everyone happy though.

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Kevin James-Sweat the Small Stuff

July 7, 2008 at 9:34 am (Comics, Television, Video)

Here are a few clips from Kevin James’ stand up special, Sweat the Small Stuff.

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Heroes Season 3 Promo w/Subtitles

July 7, 2008 at 8:22 am (Television, Video)

Earlier I found a promo for Season 3, however it was shot poorly and you couldn’t quite make it out. I now found a version with subtitles. Enjoy.

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2008 Summer Movie Pit Stop

July 7, 2008 at 8:19 am (Movies)




Well, we’ve hit the middle of this grand summer, and I think it’s time we take a little pit stop. We’ve seen enough successes and failures so far to make 3 great years, and now it’s time to take a breath. There were lots of hugely hyped and hugely successful films in the past 2 months, and there are even more to come in the next 2 months. In this post we’ll look back on their successes and/or failures, and see what the future is to bring us, along with mentioning some bright spots along the way. (Yea I know I’m skipping some movies like Sex and the City, but do you HONESTLY wanna read about that?) All box office roundings are of the date this post was wrote.

  • May 2-Iron Man-I’ve seen this movie, if you haven’t seen it yet and it’s still showing at your theater, it is DEFINITELY worth a view. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing as Tony Stark. -$310 Million
  • May 9-Speed Racer-This movie received some mixed results as it came out, however it was praised for some slick visuals and style.-$43 Million
  • May 9-What Happens In Vegas-This movie was mostly panned, called an average comedy, but for Kutcher and Diaz fans, it may have hit the spot.-$78 Million
  • May 16-The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian-DS and Nolan saw this one, I didn’t. They said it was really good, and they, along with others, said it met the level set by the first installment.-$138 Million
  • May 22-Indy 4-Another one seen by Nolan and DS that I didn’t (want to) see, Indy came back nearly 20 years after putting his whip up to fight the soviets. Although some were harsh on the movie saying it didn’t meet the original’s quality, it received fairly good reviews.-$307 Million
  • June 6-Kung Fu Panda-Jack Black along with other stars came together to make this animated adventure that was said to be pretty good.-$193 Million
  • June 6-You Don’t Mess with the Zohan-Adam Sandler came back to do this critically mixed comedy about an Israeli hair dresser. I mean it’s Sandler comedy, love it or hate it.-$95 Million
  • June 13-The Incredible Hulk-Bruce Banner got angry again in this re-imagining that was said to be revitalizing for the franchise.-$125 Million
  • June 13-The Happening-This Shamylan horror starring Mark Wahlberg was critically bashed and reportedly had some plot issues.-$60 Million
  • June 20-Get Smart-Another movie I got to see, Steve Carell is absolutely hilarious in this movie, it serves as a great comedy that any fan of his should see, even getting fair reviews from critics.-$98 Million
  • June 20-The Love Guru-Not so good reviews from critics.-$29 Million
  • June 27-Wanted-Morgan Freeman stars as himself in this life story about him along with his group of assassins, which was said to be a great thrill ride by critics.-$91 Million 
  • June 27-WALL E-Critically acclaimed (it’s Pixar, did you expect different), Wall E once again proves the Pixar formula in this family animated comedy about a little robot. -$128 Million
  • July 2-Hancock-A fun summer movie, Will Smith is a less-than-loved superhero in this very solid, very fun movie for all his older fans. -$107 Million
Really, so far the biggest box office and one of the biggest critic’s winners is Iron Man, with 310 Million dollars in the US alone, 93% on RT, and even a sequel in the works. WALL E has also gotten some great reviews, it pulls off the PIXAR formula perfectly, and will continue to make a ton of money. Hancock I expect to do a lot of business, probably not beating Iron Man but coming somewhat close. A lot of the earlier movies as far as box office go are gonna start puttering out with more and more new releases. As far as the losers go, The Love Guru, Speed Racer and The Happening are probably the victims this summer. They either were washed away by competition or were bad mouthed to death. I’ve seen Hancock, Get Smart, and Iron Man so far this summer, loved Get Smart and Iron Man, and really liked Hancock. Those have been the releases so far, not it is time to look forward to the future of this summer’s movies with the future releases-
  • July 11-Hellboy 2: The Golden Army-So far this movie has been getting good reviews on RT, and some praise has been shown for Del Toro’s work. 
  • July 11-Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D-Brendan Frasier goes to the center of the Earth to find his brother. Early critics are saying it’s a really fun movie. 
  • July 18-THE DARK KNIGHT-Excuse me for being a little more excited, but THE DARK KNIGHT chronicles Batman’s fight with the Anarchist Joker along with his own limits. Critics are calling this a “modern masterpiece” and possible the best comic book movie of all time.
  • July 25-Step Brothers-Will Ferell and John C. Reilly are stepbrothers trying to get along and get jobs before getting kicked out of the house.
  • July 25-X Files-I Wanna Believe-Noone knows what it’s about.
  • August 1-The Mummy 3…-Brendan Frasier accidentally awakens the Dragon Emperor.
  • August 1-The Rocker-Rainn Wilson is an older, but wiser (?) School of Rock mentor to his nephew.
  • August 1-Swing Vote-One man is to cast the deciding vote in the presidential election.
  • August 8-The Pineapple Express-Two stoners try to escape a crime aftermath.
  • August 15-Tropic Thunder-Ben Stiller is an action star and Iron Man is black in this war comedy.
  • August 15-Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker return to save the galaxy in this unfortunately-not-live-action sci-fi fest.
  • August 22-The Longshots-Ice Cube comes to lead his niece to be a great girl football player in a town that hasn’t seen one in a while.
  • August 27-Traitor-Speculations abound in this drama where Don Cheadle is a man who’s just out to find the truth.
  • August 29-College-Three high school seniors end up passing off as college kids for one weekend.
  • August 29-Babylon AD-Vin Diesel stars in this film about biological warfare.
I believe your biggest hits are gonna end up being Hellboy, The Dark Knight, Step Brothers, The Pineapple Express, The Mummy 3, and Star Wars. Overall, I still think Iron Man’s gonna still be the biggest winner. I’m gonna have to check out The Dark Knight, but other than that, nothing’s really pulling me in. The rest of the summer definitely looks to be interesting as far as movies go.

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