Battle of the Sherlocks

July 10, 2008 at 8:05 am (Movies)


Some of you might know about the upcoming comedy project based around Sherlock Holmes, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Sherlock himself and Will Ferrel as his trusty sidekick, Watson. This would be the second time the two have worked together, the first being in 2006’s Talladega Nights. That project does not have a known release date yet. However, there is another Sherlock Holmes project in the works. Robert Downey Jr., best known now for his role in Iron Man is scheduled to play the expert sleuth in a more serious version next October. The two movies are obviously taking on different tones, one being a serious movie, the other more comedic. It will be interesting to see which one is received better, both critically and commercially, in the coming years. 

Also, in more Robert Downey Jr. news, it is rumored that Iron Man 2 has finally been worked out with John Favreau and Marvel Studios. It is assumed that the sequel will receive more funding, and that John Favreau will be able to direct. However, the 2010 release date is still sketchy.



  1. The James said,

    will ferrel in a sherlock movie….that is as sick and wrong as it gets.

    The serious one will probably be good though

  2. earlman27 said,

    It’s more of a comedy. I think he could pull it off well.

  3. The James said,

    I don’t think sherlock holmes should be a comedy.

  4. earlman27 said,

    They can make it refreshing and funny.

  5. The James said,

    Its sherlock holmes! It was not meant to be a comedy.

    But, I have said it before, and I will say it again, I don’t like will ferrel. He was in a few movies that I liked (like stranger than fiction) but for the most part, I really really don’t like him. I may be wrong, it may be good….but I seriously doubt it.

  6. twisted dragonshensei said,

    I agree with ya James.The author will be rolling in his grave. It disrespectful to the author.It was not meant to be a comedy or the author would have made it that way.Not a big fan of Will Ferrel either.

  7. The James said,

    thank you!

  8. earlman27 said,

    If it’s PG13 I might go see it. I mean it’s not like he left specific wishes not to make it a comedy. It’s just a different take. The creators of Batman have died, who’s to say they didn’t want a gritty take on it? I think it sounds refreshing.

  9. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Okay, take it this way.You make a deep,serious,powerful movie. Then a one or two decades later, they redo it just to make a comedy out of it.It’s kinda insulting. I wouldn’t like it if I wrote a serious and deep book then they turn it into a freakin joke!

  10. earlman27 said,

    I see your point. However, I don’t think they’re making fun of anyone, they’re just taking a spin on the story.

  11. The James said,

    They did a spin on sherlock where it was 500 years into the future.

    But this is just insulting.

  12. earlman27 said,

    You’re one to talk Gage about insults. You once made fun of Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder…in the same day!

  13. nolanator said,

    I look foward to seeing both movies.

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