Batman Begins Recap

July 17, 2008 at 9:05 am (Movies, Video)


With the opening of The Dark Knight tomorrow, a LOT of eager fans will be heading for their theaters for the cinematic glory of this newest Batman series installment. However, it’s been 3 years since we last saw Batman in his journeys, so you may not be as familiar as you should be. Here’s a little recap of Batman Begins, including the trailer and ending sequence below- (Obviously, Spoiler Alert)

Movie starts with a flashback as Bruce Wayne as a child, where he falls into a well at the age of 8 years old, where he develops a fear of bats. At a bat-themed opera, Bruce convinces his parents to let them leave, where his parents are shot and killed by a mugger. The mugger is not Jack Napier a.k.a. Joker as Tim Burton’s envisioning implied, however is Joe Chill, a neighborhood thug. Bruce forever blames himself for his parents’ murder. Bruce returns to Gotham City years later, intent on killing Chill. One of Falcone’s men, however, beat him to the punch given that Chill was to testify against Falcone. Bruce confronts both Rachel Dawes and Falcone about the crime getting different responses. He decides to go out and explore the criminal mind. He is detained in a Bhutanese prison, where he meets Henri Ducard, who invites Bruce to join the League of Shadows, led by Ras Al Ghul, where he overcomes his fears. The League, however, planned on using Bruce to destroy Gotham. When Bruce refuses to execute a prisoner, he sets the temple on fire, incidentally killing Ras and saving Henri, dropping him in a nearby village. Bruce returns to Falcone-ruled Gotham, where he makes friends once again with James Gordon and Rachel Dawes, while acquiring a tumbler vehicle (Batmobile) and Armored Suit (Batsuit) from Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). Bruce plans on taking down Falcone his own way. He disrupts a drug shipment, leaving the mob boss on a searchlight, making the first bat signal. He investigates a shipment of unusual drugs where Jonathan Crane is involved, who sprays Bruce with a powerful hallucinogen. Bruce’s butler comes to save him, and is saved by Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox. Crane a.k.a. The Scarecrow intoxicates Dawes with the vapor of the gas and plans on releasing it on the city. Batman saves Dawes, uses the vapor on Crane himself, and gives an antidote to Gordon. The police come shortly after to arrest Crane at Arkham Asylum. At Bruce’s birthday celebration, Bruce is confronted by the League of Shadows, led by Ducard who turned out to be the real Ras Al Ghul. Ras, who was working with Crane all along, plans on to destroy Gotham by distributing the toxin undetected via Gotham’s water supply, and then vaporizing it with a microwave-emitter stolen from Wayne Enterprises, and dismisses him. Ras sets fire to Wayne Manor, where Bruce and Alfred barely escape. The League sets Crane free from prison, now calling himself The Scarecrow. Batman rescues Dawes from a group of criminals and the Scarecrow, when Batman shows his real identity to her. Batman leaves Gordon in charge of the Batmobile to stop the train sending the toxins to the main water hub. Batman fights Ras aboard the train, and when Gordon takes out the rails with a missile from the Batmobile, Batman abandons the train, leaving Ras to his death. It’s worth mentioning however, that in the comics Ras is immortal. Bruce, after the battle, is regarded as a hero, and takes control of Wayne Enterprises. He installs Mor Lucius Fox as CEO, however loses Rachel who can’t reconcile her love. Gordon is promoted to Lieutenant, and the official Bat Signal is unveiled. A top the roof with the Bat signal, Gordon warns Batman of a new villain who leaves joker playing cards at the scene, “Has a taste for the theatrics.” Batman flies off into the night, set to investigate. 

The Ending, Below that is the Trailer-

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