The Dark Knight Review

July 22, 2008 at 8:42 pm (Movies, Video)

The caped crusader, the masked vigilante that is Batman is back in town, and this time he must face not only the Joker, one of the best portrayed villains in any comic book movie I’ve ever seen, but a slew of moral dilemmas. Do not fear, there are no couch-sessions here. Only heart stopping action, impeccable acting, and a story that will stay with you for a good while after you leave the theater. This installment takes place directly after the events of Batman Begins, when James Gordon warns Batman of a new villain who has “A taste for the theatrics”. The opening scene is a bank robbery that only begins to let us know how deeply sadistic and maniacal this anarchist clown is, killing off his own partners. I have to admit in that first scene my heart skipped a beat when the Joker’s frightening appearance was revealed. Gotham’s new District Attorney, Harvey Dent, is supposed to save Gotham City, to be its White Knight, all the while being tangled in the love triangle between him, Rachel Dawes, and Bruce, another thing director Chris Nolan was able to play out well in the midst of all the explosions. His direction of the franchise takes on a refreshing realistic view of Gotham and its world, stepping back from this “Everyone loves Batman” mentality past seen. In The Dark Knight, along with this guy running around in a Batsuit come responses by the public. Criminals become more desperate, Mobsters become more violent, the public becomes more frightened yet all the while judgmental, and villains like the Joker come into play. The movie does such a great job of conveying this sense of impending doom coming from all the Joker’s premeditated acts of violence that are announced to them. The movie has one of the deepest stories I’ve seen in a while. I won’t spoil the story, however a lot of moral fibers are twisted and sides of people you may never have seen come out, some being a little two-faced. One character that all sides came out was Heath Ledger’s iconic interpretation of the Joker. His interpretation is the definitive portrayal, as the person sitting next to me in the theater said “Jack who?” Every tick, every licking of his bloody lips, every murderous act committed by this guy only shows how deeply disturbed his character is, and how he will stop at nothing to provoke anarchy, “Put a little change in the system.” “I’m just a dog chasing cars; I wouldn’t know what to do if I found one!” He commits all these horrible acts, and does them just for the sake of doing them. Which brings me to this warning-Do not take the younger ones to this movie. Don’t do it. There were scenes in this movie I got afraid of, but I also cry every time I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. However, do not take the younger ones to this movie unless they can stand some pretty violent and intense scenes, not to mention Ledger’s Joker, who is quite frightening. I cannot say enough about his performance and how it haunts you after you see it, embrace the knight-mares. Not to say the other actors don’t do well, Ledger’s performance is outstanding, and the rest of the cast play their parts to the best of their ability. Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Gylenhal, Aaron Eckhart, and Christian Bale all do wonderful jobs in this movie, every one of them having well thought out and in some cases, tragic roles to play, but I’m not gonna spoil it. Even though the movie does have a very deep emotional and mental side to it, it also provides some great action, with little CGI, making it feel so real. I won’t give away the secrets, but this movie will have you on the edge of your seat. The movie is about 2 ½ hours long, and at the midnight screening I went to, it felt like it, if not longer. However that was one of the most entertaining 2 ½ hours I’ve spent at the movies. There was a point in the movie where I thought “Okay, that should be it, I guess that’s the end of the movie.” But the movie pressed on for another good 40 min, an entertaining 40 min none the less. The plot took several twists and turns in the final 30 min it was a little hard to keep up at 3 a.m., and at first I was critical of the ending, however thinking it over I realized it came out to be the best possible way to wrap up all those loose ends and characters. Overall, The Dark Knight is one of those great summer blockbusters, all the while conveying an immersive and deep story to it. The story is just so rich and immersive, unlike any blockbuster I’ve seen. The movie just delivers by providing some great action sequences accompanied with a great story. The only minor complaint is that the movie is a little long, and although enjoyable, it can be a little confusing. They could have cut some fat off the film and narrow it down to 2 hrs, however the movie really never gets boring or tedious. The Dark Knight, which is now my favorite comic book movie, is a deep, action packed, and wonderfully-acted film that will stay with you long after you see it.

5 out of 5 


  1. nolanator said,

    Review long enough?

  2. earlman27 said,

    No. It’s that good. That and I like to go fairly in depth with my reviews. This will also be the one I use for the Informer in August.

  3. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Can’t wait to not read it.

  4. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Hint, don’t put that I cry during Home Edition thing. You wonder why Laice’s ignoring you baby.

  5. earlman27 said,

    I read yours.

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