My Dark Knight Sequel Idea

July 23, 2008 at 9:06 pm (Movies, The Way Earl Sees It)

(Just so you know, there are a lot of spoilers in this following article of The Dark Knight.) Over the past 70 years, the superhero Batman has been across many transformations, and many personalities. He started in Detective Comics, moved onto TV serials, Adam West took over in the 60s with the more stylized version, Burton took over with his Burton-esque feel in the late 80s early 90s, Schumaker gave it a try in the mid 90s, and now Christopher Nolan has taken over Gotham City with my favorite 2 iterations for the past 3 years. If you’ve seen The Dark Knight, you know what happens. Rachel died by the Joker’s hand, The Joker was taken most likely to Arkham Asylum in my opinion, Harvey became two-faced, and was killed by Batman in a frighteningly real scene where he threatened to kill Gordon’s family. Batman had to make that choice, and made the right one. They realized, however that Dent, who was thought of as Gotham’s only hero, had to die respectively, so they decided to blame the murders on Batman, for whom a manhunt was issued. So basically the only real plot-line that can be bridged into a sequel is the idea that Batman is a fugitive, and the whole manhunt premise, which is very interesting and has not been explored by the movies. The Dark Knight was definitely left on a grim note, which the whole movie was about. The idea of the third film focusing around Batman’s fugitivity does sound promising, however doesn’t sound like it could live up to The Dark Knight’s quality. Here’s another thing that comes with that idea and one possible outcome for the plot: In order for the people to accept Batman and for him to be able to return, in the scenario in my mind is concerned, there needs to be a unifying cause, a reason the public would need him, like a big villain. The Joker has already been defined by Heath Ledger, and I personally don’t want to see that be replicated. The idea of villains like the Riddler, the Penguin, or others have been tossed around, and all are possible. An outbreak and violence and mob action, possibly led by the Penguin or influenced by another super villain could be a reason for Batman to come back. Honestly there’s a dozen ideas that can be used for a sequel, however in most cases it will involve Batman’s fugitivity. Nolan, Bale, and Caine, all originally signed on for three films, however there might not be a third. Nolan said himself he was tired with the franchise, and personally I believe I’d be ok with that. The Dark Knight’s ending was also a little resolving in some ways, in that they end it with him not being accepted by the public, and you kinda get this sense that he never will be. Either way I believe that Nolan can provide a wonderful sequel, if not he has created a defining duo of superhero movies.



  1. dave said,

    can someone explain to me the ending to the Dark Knight when Batman and Gordon are talking and 2Face is on the ground please.

  2. dave said,

    i didnt get it

  3. nolanator said,

    What’s not to get?

  4. dave said,

    never mind i just read that huge chunk up there i get it now.

  5. twisted dragonshensei said,

    I would love to see the penguin and riddler, then again, I want them to use villains they haven’t before. I like Batman Begins because they used a villain that the other Batman movies never did.

  6. nolanator said,


  7. earlman27 said,

    IGN did a really good article about possible villains in the third. One idea was bring in Talia Al Ghul, Ras’ daughter, and the Riddler to question Batman’s ethics.

  8. Daniel's Critical Corner said,

    What a great take on “The Dark Knight” ! One of the best I have read yet !!!
    So much ground to cover when writing about this particular film… If there is
    a sequel, Catwoman gets my vote. So far, we have delt with The Scarecrow,
    The Joker, Two-Face and even the mob. I feel The Riddler and The Penguin
    would just be more of the same vibe… Cool villains, yes… But to have
    batman fighting ANOTHER guy with an evil laugh would just be yawnsville.

    As with the other classic villains used in the last two films, Catwoman’s
    persona would be something we probably can’t even imagine once she
    gets the “Nolan” treatment.

  9. earlman27 said,

    Thank you very much Dan. Really if they do do a third movie it will most likely focus on his fugitivity. The Dark Knight definitely has so much material in it. It’s theme is so broad and the subject matter is so wide that it was hard to sum up in both this article and my review without giving away the ending. IGN was talking about maybe Talia Al Ghul returning to try to destroy Gotham like her father and I personally think that’d be a good idea. Catwoman, honestly is a little too far out for Nolan. He wants to stay away from Robin, so Catwoman may be out of the cards.

  10. TheGhost said,

    The Nolans have given us a fresh and more mature portrayal of Batman. I would humbly like to suggest that in B3, BATMAN IS THE VILLIAN. “I will be whatever Gotham needs me to be.” The theme would be that everyone is the Batman– not in fake Batsuits but in their own ways. Harvey Dent was on the verge but the Joker derailed it. Maybe it’s Jim Gordon who is the new stereotype of “hero” since he’s now leading the double life (chasing the presumed bad Batman when he really knows Batman is good…) There still needs to be a real bad guy– Ras coming back would be fine– that Batman is fighting behind the scenes, but the series could end with the citizens standing up to fight evil– maybe they think Batman and Ras are partners?– and thus Batman can retire, probably faking his death….
    Remember, Bruce Wayne wanted to show the citizens of Gotham that evil doesn’t have to win– he never intended to ride in on his white horse for the rest of his life.

  11. earlman27 said,

    That is possible, anything’s possible with the series from here, however bringing Ras back, even though he’s an immortal in the comics, wouldn’t really fit with Nolan’s realistic outlook. Maybe Talia would be a better choice.

  12. The James said,

    ok, here is my sequel idea:

    Bruce wayne sees the (fixed) bat signal. He turns into batman and shows up on the roof. There he sees a girlscout.
    Girlscout: Would you like to buy some cookiees?
    Batman: listen here girl… you have snickerdoodles?
    Girlscout: Yep.
    After batman buys the cookies he dissapears like he always does.
    Girlscout: freak…
    *in the batcave*
    Robin: Where have you been? Did you go on another mission without me? are those snickerdoodles?
    Batman: I don’t wanna talk about it
    Robin: It seems like ever since you met this nolan guy, you have been ignoring me! I thought what we had was special!
    Batman:go away

    The End!

  13. earlman27 said,

    That’s actually really funny.

    Robin-So….how’s Rachel?
    Batman-I don’t wanna talk about it, long story…
    Robin-What about that Joker guy, he’s crazy isn’t he?
    Batman-Yea, we left him hanging…
    (Awkward Silence)
    Batman-See ya in 20 years when you get a re-visioning

  14. The James said,

    *Batman walks into the batcave to find Alfred there*
    Alfred – Master Wayne…I have a confession to make
    Batman – What is it?
    Alfred – I am dating catwoman
    Batman – what?!
    Alfred – she said she loves my accent….oh, and I quit…
    Batman – Well,…who is gonna take care of everything?!
    *Geroge Clooney walks in*
    George Clooney- Yeah…they said this is the only way I could be in another batman film

  15. earlman27 said,

    (Immediately After)
    Arnold S.-Would you like me to clean the batpod Mr. Wayne?
    Bruce-Yea, sure
    Arnold-When’d you get this?
    George-The second you left.

  16. The James said,

    Robin – Bruce…I am leaving you
    Bruce – good, I told you to go 2 movies ago
    Robin – Did you hear me?
    Bruce – yes
    Robin – I am serious
    Bruce – I am too
    Robin – I met someone else
    Bruce – thats nice….go
    Robin – His name is “green lantern”
    Bruce – whatever
    Robin – He treats me better than you

  17. nolanator said,

    Robin’s gay.

  18. Miller said,

    i would like to see one final movie where there is a huge breakout from arkham asylum and you have all the super villains out and free and maybe team up…. that would be a cause for batman to come back… you could have the penguin, the riddler, mr . freeze, bane, zsasz, catwoman, harley quinn, poison ivy, man bat, batzarro, and black mask could maybe be a dark leader that would be creepy and would keep the whole “dark batman” thing going……….. that would be the only way that it could earn more than the dark knight…. and with all the money they made from the dark knight they could actually hire top actors for each character.

  19. earlman27 said,

    Only problem with that is you have to have previously introduced those characters or give some sort of introduction, some sort of previous encounter so that the viewer is familiar with them. You can’t just throw all these characters out and expect them to care. Without any previous experience, the viewer has no reason to care, no reason to feel frightened or intimidated.

  20. Darrell Day said,

    I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make either a good Riddler or Joker, should they ever bring back the Joker. His chin line is the closest approximation to Heath’s of any major actor in Hollywood. Anyone agree? Any comments or criticisms?

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