Mr. Monk and the Genius Review

July 26, 2008 at 8:07 pm (Television)

This past week’s Monk definitely restored my hope in the series. The episode brought in some classic mystery with just a touch of some touching emotional elements. The show balanced and showed everything I loved in the series, and will definitely go down in the record books as one of my favorite episodes.

The episode starts with Monk in his home, arguing with Natalie about some payment issues, which kind of took a backseat in the episode, but provided for some comic relief in the form of constant reminders throughout. Linda Kloster then shows up at Adrian’s home, hiring Monk to solve her own murder after he husband kills her as he has warned to do. Sounds like an easy case, however the man is a genius chess master and proves to be a challenge to Monk throughout the episode, making the crime a little bit harder to solve. Linda eventually does die, and it is ruled as a severe cardiac arrest. Monk is determined to find out how Patrick murdered her. He learns of a chess move called the “poison pawn” and solves the case. Linda had started drinking again, and Patrick had figured out, poisoning her drink. Monk and Natalie show up to the funeral home where Patrick is, and start to confiscate what they think is Linda’s coffin. An elderly couple, the aunt of the woman in the coffin, show up to see the body. Monk tells them all the things they’ll have to do to the body to get the toxicology reports. It turns out in the hilarious way that the woman in the coffin is not Linda but an entirely different person. Patrick, always “one step ahead” had her cremated. Monk, reminiscent of how Trudy held his hands the day she died and how Linda did the same way, is determined to convict Patrick, when the Captain warns him not to cross that line, which is where all of the beautiful emotional elements came into play. Monk starts to plant evidence, however backs out. He then realizes Patrick was married earlier, and his first wife died similarly. He then goes on a mission to dig up the other body, with the poison in her body being enough to convict of both murders. However, no poison is found. Monk later goes to a chess tournament, where he finally figures it out by another chess move. He realizes that Patrick switched the headstones the night before, and defeats him with a oh so sweet “Checkmate”.

The episode really just succeeded at what Monk does best. Providing great mystery, putting in great comedy, and mixing in fantastic emotionalities. Next week Natalie will become a lotto girl in Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever.

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