Venom Film Underway

August 1, 2008 at 8:06 am (Movies)


Sony has announced plans to create a spinoff from the Spiderman series, much like the X Men Series, with a movie based on Venom. WIth all the new Marvel franchises taking the helm from some of the older franchises, Sony hopes that the movie based on Venom will reinvigorate the franchise. Jacob Estes is scheduled to give the script a try, however according to The Hollywood Reporter Sony is looking for new writers to give the script a try. There are also some concerns that whether or notTopher Grace, the actor who played Venom in Spiderman 3, can carry an entire movie on his own. A fourth Spiderman movie is still scheduled for release in 2011. No release dates have been confirmed for the Venom film.

I’m still sorta wondering how they plan to make a sequel when Eddie Brock was ANNIHILATED with a pumpkin bomb, I mean it’s a pumpkin bomb, those things will END YOU. We saw his bones fall to the ground!



  1. Steven said,

    I like the idea for a Venom spin-off. And Earl you need to realize there’s more than one Venom. Like in the comics, the ex-Scorpion becomes the new Venom. Wiki it and see for yourself. Still, I’d like to see a new Venom film. Maybe bring in Carnage

  2. earlman27 said,

    Well, here’s the thing. I do know that there is more than one Venom, there were 3, I wiki-ed it while researching for this post. However, they’re talking about Topher Grace returning, which means that they’re using Eddie Brock, who died. They could bridge the symbiote going to a new carrier like Mac Gorgan, but it’s gonna be a little harder for non-comic fans to grasp.

  3. The James said,

    yeah, but who cares about non comic fans? 😉 But, really…whats so hard to grasp? If you watched spidey 3 you know that the symboite can take a different host. Besides, I doubt it will really be aimed at newcomers. (its venom!)

    I, personally, hate the idea of a Venom spin-off. They did such a good job in spidey 3 of making Eddy unlikeable, I don’t see how he could be a protagonist….or how topher grace could hold his own for a full movie. 😀 I don’t wanna see it happen…but if/when it does happen…I will get exited and watch it…cause thats the kinda geek I am.

    My opinion: they need to put lizard and Scorpion in Spidey 4. (to set up Mac Gorgon’s character) Then, later, in the Venom spin-off have Mac Gorgan be venom. That is about the only way I can picture it working.

    Though, they would have to set up the character right, though. Use the comics for inspiration! Have Jameson fund/hire the project that gives scorpion his powers for the sole purpose of hilling spiderman. The process drives Mac mental and he develops a hatred for JJ. Now he wants to kill both JJ and spidey…but aside from that he is not particularly evil. That way, he still remains likable enough to be the main protaganist in Venom.

    Oh, and correct me if I’m wrong…but the picture of Venom you have on this post is of Mac Gorgan.

  4. Steven said,

    That’s right James. But why did you hate Venom in the movie? he rocked

  5. James said,

    I hated him cause he was a jerk. that was a complement to the film makers…they created a villian that I love to hate…though I just plain did not like brock.

  6. nolanator said,

    I don’t think this is a good idea either. If they want to bring back Venom, bring him back in the fourth movie.

  7. earlman27 said,

    They are of Mac Gorgan. That’s a good concept James. I just don’t see how you’d bring in Eddie Brock for a sequel, considering he’s dead.

  8. nolanator said,

    I think if he is back, get somebody besides Topher Grace. Everytime I see him in Spider-Man 3, all I see is the dorky kid from That ’70s Show.

  9. twisted dragonshensei said,

    Actually guys, I rewatched Spidy 3 and it did not show his bones when Eddie was covered in the explosion.It only showed him get engulfed, no body disinergrating. So he could have escaped.Also, Harry was hit with a pumpkin bomb and it only ripped part of his face. The Venom suite could have been destroyed, but Eddie could have survived, like the force of the explosion knocked him off and away from it or something. And he could get the suite back because of the piece Dr. Conner’s had.

  10. Steven said,

    Interesting idea TD but it seems unlikely.

    And James maybe they made him a jerk in the movie because in the comics he was a jerk too

  11. The James said,

    BTW that was Steven

  12. earlman27 said,

    Point with the whole pumpkin bomb thing Gage, and how it might not have killed him, however it is SUPER LIKELY that it did. If they did leave him alive, they might have shown it in like a cliffhanger-esque style. I might/might not see this one anyway.

  13. dave said,

    I’m not so sure about this

  14. The James said,

    ok, earl can you change comment under the name in the one that Steven left under my name.

    And Steven, I have no clue what you are talking about. I know he is a jerk in the comics…THAT IS THE POINT. They did a good job at not making him a jerk, I am complementing the movie by saying that I did not like him. He was written as a un-likable character. I am just saying I don’t wanna movie where the main character is unlikeable. (it would be like molly, the movie 😉 )

    “That’s a good concept James. I just don’t see how you’d bring in Eddie Brock for a sequel, considering he’s dead.”

    That is my point. I don’t wanna see Eddy in another spiderman movie…EVER!.

    Eddy is dead. They may ret-con the last film to make it so he survived, but that would be cheap….really really cheap.

    The only way that I think they can do it and it work is use the piece doc conners has. it bonds to mac. (while dr. conners turns into lizard) In spidey 4, mac could be scorpion and he could be venom in the venom film.

    basicly, this is what it all boils down too. venom is a popular villian. marvel is gonna use him as a cash cow. whether they do it right, has yet to be known. lets just hope they don’t screw it up too bad.

  15. The James said,

    comment 5 is i stevens name, I wrote it…please fix it

  16. Q said,

    Venom will be a great idea. eddie brock was a better venom than mac gargan. if u want 2 make a movie based off venom u need 2 go with the roots of venom. u cant start a movie with mac gargan if it started with eddie.
    i personally love eddie brock, him alone is awsome plus the venom suit. hes a villian so likeable. plus eddie never really dies. he becomes the lethal protector. he does what spidey does but instead of putting badies in jail he just happens 2 kill them. i could see a few venom movies then eddie giving it up because of the cancer he gets.
    then it could move 2 the next host and then 2 mac gargan. i say bout 2 movies with eddie. at the end of the 2nd one he will give it 2 the new host. he will have it for a movie and towards the end leave it in mac gargans hands for the next movie.

  17. earlman27 said,

    I am so sick of people talking Spiderman on my site. VISIT SOME OF THE OTHER POSTS!

  18. nolanator said,

    That’s a great way to get people to visit your site.

  19. earlman27 said,

    I’m tired of it. I want them to visit the other posts on my site instead of spiderman-related ones.

  20. The James said,

    i feel the same way about my birthverseries post.

    But the problem with it being eddie brock is, do you really want 2 hours of nothing but topher grace? I would kill myself.

  21. Dave16 said,

    Earl I’m going to do you a favor: if anyone wants to talk about spiderman go to my site spread the word Earl!

  22. real_Spiderman said,

    EARLMAN27, If you HATE people talking about spiderman, SHUT DOWN YOUR WEB PAGE FORUM!


  23. real_Spiderman said,


    Last week, director Sam Raimi revealed that on Spider-Man 3, he didn’t have complete control over what villains to include, but for the next two movies he does. For Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Man 5 (which are expected to film back-to-back) it’s now been revealed that Raimi plans to tell one big story that will incorporate elements from classic plot lines from the comics, with Spider-Man 5 in particular focusing on one of Spidey’s most beloved tales. In Spider-Man 4, Peter Parker will find the spider inside him lashing out, with his powers going violently out of control. Seeking help from his professor, Dr. Curt Connors, Peter discovers that Connors and his colleague Dr. Michael Morbius are actually both experimenting on incorporating animal blood (reptiles and vampire bats) into humans. When Parker loses control in their laboratory, the antidotes that the scientists were using to keep themselves human are destroyed, causing them to become The Lizard and the vampire-like Morbius, even as Spidey goes fully spider, with four more arms popping out like a true arachnid. The three monsters break out into the streets of New York, creating havok, which soon attracts the attention of a big game hunter named Kraven. Kraven’s introduction will pave the way for Spider-Man 5, which may have the subtitle Kraven’s Last Hunt, in which Kraven returns to New York City after Spider-Man has regained his humanity, to hunt Spidey once more.

  24. earlman27 said,

    Hey jerk face, instead of callin people idiots on their page and shoutin’ at them for suggesting people check out other stuff, why don’t you go find some other forum to troll and get a life yourself there “real_Spiderman”. I do have a life thank u very much i don’t appreciate 12 yr old web trolls like you insulting me on my web site.

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