Mythbusters Moon Landing Trailer

August 8, 2008 at 9:02 pm (Television, Video)

This is a preview for the upcoming Mythbusters episode where the guys plan to find out if the moon landing was really a hoax. I for one never doubted, however this special may change my beliefs.



  1. The James said,

    I doubted! But even if it is a hoax, they will probably say its real, the gov will make them.

  2. twisted dragonshensei said,

    I’m afraid James is right. The government will make them to say the landing was real.

  3. nolanator said,

    This will be interesting.

  4. earlman27 said,

    I don’t know about that. I love Mythbusters and they’ve done politically charged myths before and they came out with honest results. I mean they show you their tests as they happen and you can come up with a conclusion by yourself. I’ll definitely be DVR-ing this one, it looks to be a great episode.

    Plus, James is a neurotic conspiracy theorist. I think it’s just plain crazy to go around “THE GOVERNMENT’S GONNA GET ME!”

  5. earlman27 said,

    I’m also reminded of the Family Guy with Neil Armstrong.

    “Hey, Aren’t you Neil Armstrong? Aren’t you supposed to be on the moon?”
    Neil Armstrong (Walking out of a studio in a space suit)-“No, I uh….You see, the swamp gas….the carbon emissions from the moon….” (Kills guy with helmet, drives off.)

  6. nolanator said,

    Ha ha ha.

  7. helado said,

    No way did they go to the moon, (and the mythbusters know it) although it will be interesting to see what the mythbusters say, as their credibility for telling the truth is at stake.

  8. The James said,

    “they’ve done politically charged myths before and they came out with honest results”

    but nothing as big as this. even if man has never set foot on the moon, mythbusters will say they have (or else)

  9. nolanator said,

    I think man set foot on the moon.

  10. helado said,

    well, we’ll find out on 27.

  11. The James said,


    I am not sure either way, but if mythbusters said they have, I won’t take that as proof.

  12. helado said,

    neither will I,

  13. earlman27 said,

    I would. I thoroughly believe them. They have some great experiments that conclusively prove or disprove myths.

  14. The James said,

    I belive them on most things, but I won’t take this episode as proof.

  15. nolanator said,

    I won’t believe them unless they confirm man walked on the moon.

  16. The James said,

    for me it is the reverse

    confirm man walks on moon – it is just part of the conpiracy

    confirms it is a conspiracy – I belive them

  17. earlman27 said,

    I’ll believe them either way. I’ve watched the show that long.

    They busted the idea Kennedy could have been killed with ice bullet.

    They confirmed I believe the hindenburg could have went up in flames because of lithium or something of the like.

    One thing we haven’t thought of is that more than likely they’re gonna play the plausible card. It could happen. Make everyone happy.

  18. helado said,

    hey why not check out
    that’s what left no doubt for me. also it will heighten and improve our enjoyment of the mythbusters report… we’ll be prepared with our own doubts. 🙂

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