Heroes Season 2 DVD-View

August 31, 2008 at 4:42 pm (DVD, Television)


One of my favorite television shows on the air right now, Heroes, has its second season available on DVD now, and in all my nerd-dom, after seeing Journey 3D had to go pick it up. My nerd-dom was large enough to go buy the DVD, but not enough to buy the edition including a Kensei mask. The boxart is really nice for this season. The front follows the same format as one, but has characters inside the globe. Also, the rest of the inside of the DVD has a blue theme, which looks REALLY pretty. The first season featured the most prominent piece of art on the back, and the same goes for this season. Season 1 was the bomb, this one is of Bennet’s death. Each of the flaps inside the set features a great piece of art, making for an overall great art on the box. The DVD menus are also very well done. They show the Heroes logo along with paintings and their incarnations in life throughout the season. Although the season was not quite up to par with one, the set really makes up for the buy with some outstanding special features. The set includes all 11 episodes (by episode 7 they had caught up to par with season 1), along with the alternate ending to the season, and what would have come to pass in the other 13 episodes that would have came. Not only do Kring and the gang have an interview about it, they show some great and very eery footage from what would have come to pass, involving Sylar getting some very important powers. The set also includes a season 3 sneak peek, some interesting deleted scenes, and commentaries on all 11 episodes featuring one of the actors and someone involved behind the scenes. Some very great special features for this set make it worth the buy, even if you didn’t like this season as much. With brilliant special features, some great episodes toward the end of the season, and great package art, I highly recommend this to any sci-fi junkie or to any Heroes fan unsure of whether to buy the second season for home viewing. 

5 out of 5


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