“Caped Crusader” Idea

September 30, 2008 at 11:06 am (Movies, The Way Earl Sees It)

You really never know what we’re going to talk about in Spanish class. One day we’re actually studying Spanish, the next, like today, you’re coming up with ideas for the next installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman series. Yesterday my pals and I were talking about Batman, as we do every day in Spanish, and DS and I came up with an idea for the next Batman film to be directed by Christopher Nolan.

In the third film, we have Batman as a fugitive. Everyone hates him. Everyone blames him for the whole Joker fiasco, nearly destroying the city, and they blame him for all of their troubles. The only person that knows the truth about Batman is Gordon and his family. So, we have to give the city of Gotham a reason to want Batman back. We introduce Bane into the mix without having to delve into the backstory any, we just introduce him as this incredibly strong (doesn’t even have to be super-strong) guy who is terrorizing a few people, or he’s part of some drug deal. Introduce him like they did with Scarecrow in TDK. Then, Batman swoops in, fights, Batman is spotted perhaps, and Bane gets away. We then go on with some secret meetings between Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, and the rest, and how Bruce hates to see the city like it is. The mob is also rising back up to power. Bring in some new people to play mob members, and have a new head, The Penguin. That’s basically what he is in the comics. We don’t accentuate the Penguin-ness, we just show him as a regular, yet extremely wealthy and powerful guy, who has that nickname. Maybe even tie him into Bruce’s family so that Bruce can have some relations with him. The mob and crime are so poor that the police bring in Edward Nigma, a.k.a. The Riddler to help find Batman to take care of him, to get him off the streets. The Riddler is secretly working with the mob to bring in bad guys so he can appear as a hero to the cops when he outsmarts the very people that he hires. He becomes part of the inner circle of the cops, and they begin to trust him. Nigma himself becomes obsessed with Batman, and sees him as a good challenge to try to outsmart him. The only person that doesn’t trust Nigma is Gordon, who, after one of his family members is killed, knows Batman is the one they need. Maybe even bring in Mr. Freeze, focusing on his human element, where he is not related to the mob. The end just really needs to focus on people finally accepting Batman as the hero Gotham needs, sort of a happy ending. 

As far as who to cast goes, I am still wanting to see Hoffman (or maybe even Vigo Mortensen or Ed Harris) as the Penguin, and either David Anders or Hugh Laurie possibly as the Riddler. For Bane, you’ve gotta get someone strong, but can act well, and for Mr. Freeze… I don’t know.

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One of Us, One of Them Review

September 30, 2008 at 10:39 am (Television)

I actually liked this week’s Heroes better than last week’s. The episode had some great revelations, made some great progress in the story, killed yet a few more people, and provided some very action and comedy filled portions for the show that are always enjoyable. The main plotline of this episode was the bank robbery. Flint, Knox, the German, and Peter in the body of Jessie take a few hostages in the bank, and, in one of the most enjoyable portions of the episode, Sylar and Bennet had to team up to stop them. There was plenty of back and forth arguing, which was great, and Sylar eventually took care of the situation his own way, killing Jessie and taking his power. One of the weird things about the segment that came off a little rushed was the fact that they went ahead and took all the villains that escaped from Level 5, and just an episode later, 2 are dead, 1 is on the run, and 1 is back in custody. Another thing that I didn’t quite like was that they constantly showed Peter, who was trapped in Jessie’s body, in the form of Peter, not Jessie. Some say it’s less confusing, but to me it was just a little problematic, however minor. Claire’s depressed little storyline continued, and provided a cool moment of training inside of a shipping crate. Hiro and Ando definitely are the most true to the past seasons, which isn’t bad for the rest. Hiro’s once again on a mission to save the world by trying to retrieve the other half of the formula from his “nemesis”, which is always funny to hear them babble back and forth. She escapes with both halves of the formula, and Hiro and Ando are taken into the company by the newly returned Haitian, greatly played by Jimmy Jean Louis. Matt’s also still in Africa where some great artwork was shown by Usutu. Tracy and Nathan’s stories kinda took a backseat in this one, which was a nice pace given the big bank robbery. Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than last week’s two-parter. Last week really laid down a lot of ground in a little time frame, but this week’s covered a lot, but slowed it down and allowed you to catch your breath. Even though there were some minor changes needed to be made in my opinion, it was definitely a great episode. 

4 1/2 out of 5

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What To See-An American Carol or Eagle Eye?

September 29, 2008 at 2:42 pm (Movies)


Ok, so I was thinking about going to the movies this Friday, and I honestly could not decide what to see. There are a lot of movies out now, and since The Dark Knight is out of my local theater, I have to pick something else. There’s Eagle Eye, this espionage thriller about a man (Shia Lebouf) being pinned as a terrorist and running for his life, which is supposed to be ok. A lot of critics are saying it borrows heavily too much from other spy films, and has 25% on RT right now. Here are the highs and lows of the reviews-

“The movie is so engrossing as an intellectual puzzle and such a solid thriller in every other department that it’s probably actor-proof. ”

“Caruso and Spielberg probably thought they were reviving the paranoid style of 70s political thrillers, but their story is so implausible it barely provokes a tremor. ”

Then there’s An American Carol, which even though is a spoof movie, is from the fathers of spoof. David Zucker, the man behind Airplane and Naked Gun, is behind this one, so I have faith in it. I personally didn’t think it was going to play in my theater, that is until I checked Fandango about 10 minutes ago. You guys haven’t let me down before, you chose Horton last time and it was better than 10000 BC, so I’m trusting you again. I personally think An American Carol is to be better, it looks like a really funny, good time spoof flick. What should I see, Eagle Eye, or An American Carol? There’s always Fireproof too.

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Upcoming Heroes Episodes

September 28, 2008 at 7:15 pm (Television)

Heroes has officially launched and has totally made up for lost ground. The show has killed off several characters, introduced more characters and abilities. Within the next few weeks even more ground will be treaded, as can be seen in the titles and synopsi of the next few weeks’ episodes. 


  • September 29th-One of Us, One of Them-Bennet and his new partner go after four villains at a bank heist. Peter tries to determine what goes wrong in the future. Hiro and Ando meet the Haitian in Germany. Tracy Strauss looks for information about Niki. Mohinder is unprepared for the outcome of his experiment.
  • October 6th-I Am Become Death-Peter uses a dangerous ability in order to save the world. Hiro and Ando come to Adam for information about the person that hired Daphne. Bennet tries to get rid of his partner. Claire goes after a villain
  • October 13th-Angels and Monsters
  • October 20th-Dying of the Light
  • October 27th-Eris Quod Sum
  • Villains
  • It’s Coming
  • The Eclipse Part 1
  • The Eclipse Part 2
  • Our Father
  • War

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THE DARK KNIGHT, Clone Wars, and Get Smart DVD Art

September 28, 2008 at 7:10 am (DVD, Movies)

NERD FEST! The artwork for movies like Get Smart and THE DARK KNIGHT have been revealed! oh yea, and Clone Wars or something like that too. The extra materials to fall upon The Dark Knight’s blu-ray release will include at least a Gotham Uncovered documentary, featurettes (Batman Tech: The Incredible Gadgets and Tools, Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of The Dark Knight), 6 episodes of Gotham Cable’s Premier News Program, galleries (The Joker Cards, Concept Art, Poster Art, Production Stills), trailers and TV spots. The special edition blu-ray release will also include a batpod. No word yet if it will be included in DVD release. All of the artwork for all releases is viewable below. Street Date is December 9th. 


Get Smart will finally arrive on November 4th, artwork below as well. No special features have been announced yet. Oh yea, and the Clone Wars is somewhere down there too. 


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Boyce Avenue-How To Save A Life

September 28, 2008 at 6:37 am (Music)

This is one of my favorite bands on Youtube that I haven’t been able to watch recently, Boyce Avenue, performing one of their great variations on The Fray’s “How To Save A Life”. 

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The Second Coming/The Butterfly Effect Review

September 23, 2008 at 6:52 pm (Television)

HEROES IS BACK, AND IT’S DARKER THAN EVER!!! Heroes has made it’s return from its 9 month hiatus, and it seems that instead of picking up right where things left off, it’s making up for the 9 months with about 90 episodes worth of action crammed into 2 hours, which is a good thing. Technically these are two separate hour long episodes, but I decided to condense them both into one unified review. Really the internet kinda backlashed me on this one, because a lot of viewers that had seen the clips provided by IGN already knew a few of the largest and most gripping surprises in the show. The two episodes that open up the season, compared to last season’s opener as far as pace goes is like comparing Daphne and Charles Devaux. If you get that joke, you paid attention to the show more than you should have. The show kills off a few characters in the opening, and makes a whole lot of changes, so much my head was spinning after the premiere. Some very important characters were axed off in this one, some new characters were introduced and released, and some gained some new powers. In an inredibly creepy moment Sylar gains Claire’s ability, yet leaves her alive. She’s now questioning her humanity, go figure. Hiro is now batttling a speedster so he can stop his new preventable future where several people have powers and the world is in chaos. Sylar also kills Bob, nearly kills Elle, and is taken into company bondage again, where he is revealed to be one of the Petrelli clan. Mohinder, while trying to cure Maya whom he is now… intimate… with gains powers. He is now equipped with super senses, running faster, stronger, and with boundless energy. Matt is in Africa after being forced there by Future Peter, and will probably spend most of the season there discovering his “inner self”. Nathan has been offered a new senate job, with Niki, a.k.a. Tracy Strauss as his potential parter. Probably the most exciting element are the released inmates of Level 5, who are promised to be incredibly powerful. Overall, a lot of new plotlines and changes are introduced into this episode, as with any opener. It looks to be that the future with several people having powers is the big disaster this time that everyone tries to stop.  The concept of Villains is also already prominent. The show definitely has hit the ground running, and will have me tuning into see what happens next. I really never thought I’d say this, but maybe Heroes needs to slow down a little bit. These episodes were far from welcoming to the newcomer, and there were times when I didn’t enjoy some certain plot twists. The first two episodes looked very promising, and if the rest of the season can keep it up, I’m very excited to see what is to come for the Heroes.

4 1/2 out of 5

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September 22, 2008 at 11:09 am (Television)

All of the moments in the countdown have been shocking, extraordinary, mind changing for some, but they all come to this. Some have taken place at the end of the show’s most recent season, some at the beginning. However, the countdown’s #1 is at the very beginning as well. Ever since the beginning of the show on September 25th back in 2006, the show has provided some jaw dropping moments, but that was when we as the viewer came to expect certain things from the Heroes. We knew that the show was revolutionary and action-filled, and knew the show was on an epic scale. Back on September 25th, however, we weren’t as prepared for the phenomenon to begin. Through the entire episode of Genesis we are introduced to all of these characters like Hiro Nakamura, Peter and Nathan Petrelli, Issac Mendez, Niki Sanders, and Mohinder Suresh. Peter is in the center, where he has all of these dreams of flying several times in the premiere. The viewer like myself doesn’t know what is to come, but we do know Peter is ambitious. He is a hospice nurse who begins to ask himself of his greater purpose. At the very end of the episode we’ve seen Hiro time travel and Niki exhibit some sort of split persona, but Peter has yet to show his ability that he claims to have, his ability of flight. Through the whole thing we want Peter to fly. At the very end Peter stands atop a ledge in NYC and calls Nathan to see him. Nathan stands on the ground, and looks up to see Peter 3 stories up about to jump so he can prove that he can fly. Peter steps off the ledge, and falls. He doesn’t seem to be flying, but then, in a complete shock, Nathan who was not expected to have ANY powers flies up and catches Peter. They struggle, and Peter slips out of Nathan’s grip, where the “to be continued…” flashed upon the screen. The stakes were set for one of the biggest and best sci-fi shows in television history.

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#2-Hiro Saves the Day…Again

September 21, 2008 at 8:55 pm (Television)

The setting is Kirby Plaza on the night of November 4th, 2006. The madman known as Sylar believes that he is the explosion set to kill millions, and so does Peter Petrelli. Both Issac Mendez and Ted Sprague have lost their lives, Nathan and his family are planning to leave the city, Noah, Matt, and Mohinder are working together to get out and take out part of the company, Niki and DL are dealing with a gunshot wound, and Peter and Sylar are facing off. I could just say that this entire episode is epic, and that is true. Through the whole episode we see all the characters slowly come together to that one place to try to stop the devastation, and the viewer begins to wonder, “How’s it going to play out?” Will it happen? If not, how are they going to stop it? Who will be the bomb, and who’s going to save the day? The answer to the 2nd question is Hiro Nakamura. We see nearly all the characters converging upon New York, and Hiro is still in Japan, realizing his destiny. He saves Ando from Sylar’s clutches about 20 minutes into the episode, and from then on out kinda doesn’t do anything. That is, until the last minutes of the finale, when Peter is about to go kaboom. Sylar laughs over Peter, and tells him of his own victory, how he’s the hero. Every Heroes nerd’s lower lip was trembling in nerd-overload as Hiro appears out of nowhere, calls Sylar’s name, runs, and stabs Sylar right through the chest. He shouts a resounding and oh-too-familiar-yet-so-satisfying-Yatta, jerks out the sword and spins it in Link style as Sylar falls the ground. All of his villains flash through his eyes, and he falls. It was oh-so-satisfying and oh-so-shocking. That, and Peter and Nathan had a brother hug and flew off into the atmosphere to stop the bomb.

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#3-The Homecoming Massacre

September 20, 2008 at 9:17 am (Television)

The entire plot of Volume 1 revolved around one thing: Saving the world from the explosion that would devastate mankind and kill millions. Some were there to stop it, others were there to cause it, but an event that occured about 15 episodes earlier helped stop the madman’s plan. Claire Bennet was a regular cheerleader with the ability to heal, and Sylar was a maniac on a run to kill her and steal her power. Hiro from the future came and told Peter of his mission and how he was to save Claire, and it became his mission. The entire episode provided this eerie feeling, but when it came down to those final 20 minutes of the episode, things picked up. Claire and a friend were confronted by Sylar, but he mistook her for Claire, and gave chase. Peter Petrelli, who had unknowingly passed Claire, protected her from Sylar, took a few lockers to the face, and led her to safety. However, both him and Sylar toppled off the ledge of the school, where Peter was killed. Peter lived, and Sylar was taken into Company custody. The episode was creepy in it’s own right, and is one of my all time favorites.

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Journey, Brothers, Poole, Believe, and Panda Boxarts

September 20, 2008 at 8:35 am (DVD, Movies, Pictures)

With even more fall comes even more summer movie boxarts. The religous comedy about Henry Poole is due out November 4th, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D is coming October 28th, The X-Files: I Want to Believe I believe is coming out December 4th, Kung Fu Panda Rides in November 9th, and Step Brothers rides in December 2nd. All boxarts are viewable below. 

I for one am definitely going to check out Henry Poole and Kung Fu Panda, but the rest are big fat skips. 


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#4-Visions of Disaster

September 19, 2008 at 11:07 am (Television)

One of the great things about Heroes is the way they give you a plot. Every season or volume so far there’s been this huge disaster that occurs in the future, one of the heroes somehow discovers about it, and then the mission is set to stop said event. In the first season it was Hiro at the very beginning discovering the devastation of the bomb, in the second season it was Peter seeing the horrible future left by the virus. 2 episodes into the show noone really knew what it was going to be. We had seen Hiro teleport to New York, but we just assumed he was in the present. We see one of the main characters dead, and Hiro is questioned for his murder. We start to question the time period he’s in, then we see the explosion, we hear the cries, and Hiro teleports quickly back to the present, with a mission now in his heart. the show really set the stakes, and it totally delivered. It was the beginning of a phenomenon. We could also take into consideration the moment Peter is meeting Future Hiro, and the incentive is called, “Save the cheerleader, save the world”.

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An In-Depth Look at Each of Batman’s Future Foes-The Riddler

September 18, 2008 at 4:27 pm (Comics, Movies)


This is a little series I’d like to do, taking a look at all the villains people are rumoring to be the next Batman villain, and my thoughts on how they could be realistically brought into Nolan’s world. If you have any suggestions for the next villain, feel free to let me know. 

The first villain needed to look at is The Riddler, a.k.a Edward Nigma. Nigma is a lover of puzzles, and is obsessed with them. His interpersonal psyche is ruled by riddles. When ever he has the upper hand over a foe, he can’t simply defeat them then and there, he has to present them with a riddle, and see if they can escape it. As a young boy Nigma is challenged by a teacher to solve a riddle. He is so determined he sneaks into the school and memorizes the answer. He wins the prize for the contest, a book of riddles. He then goes on to work at a carnival, tricking passers with his riddles of wit. He eventually decides to go against Batman as he sees him as a worthy opponent and adversary to his puzzles and questions. The Riddler put Batman in several deathtraps in comics, Batman always escaping somehow. Riddler is a strategist, and prides himself trying to outsmart others with his riddles. The premise of this character is very possible for Nolan to tap into, and to ground in realism. Make the Riddler a lover of puzzles, and bring him in to challenge Batman’s intelligence and try to outsmart him, possibly catch him. But eventually Nigma goes insane with trying to outsmart him, and becomes the suited madman. As far as who would play him, I would really like to see someone other than Johny Depp do it. Someone riskier. I’d like to see someone zany like Gene Wilder or I could see someone who fit the physical bill like David Anders or Anthony Micheal Hall, maybe even Hugh Laurie play the puzzle maniac. Feel free to share your thoughts, rebuttles, support, or comments.

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#6-Adam’s Punishment and #5-Nathan’s Second Attack

September 18, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Television)

Both of these moments come down at the very end of Season 2, within 5 minutes of eachother. As stated in previous moments, Adam Monroe had some devious plans for the world. He planned to decimate the world’s population and lead the new society. Hiro couldn’t let that happen, so he went in to stop it. He finally confronted Monroe in the vault with the virus, and teleported him out of there before he could release it. Where he teleported him was a mystery, that is until we found that the very cruel yet smart Hiro teleported the immortal, cannot die, Adam into a coffin underground, where he was to spend the rest of eternity, shouting, begging, and pleading with Hiro to come back and rescue him. Chills went down my spine. 

Minutes later in the finale, after Peter and the gang stopped the virus. They had the idea to finally come clean about the company’s actions, and reveal their secrets. Nathan, a once candidate for congress, held a press conference, and described the past events over the past two volumes to the crowd. We see a clipshow of all the big events that had happened, and Nathan’s prodigal son ways. As he begins to finish his sentence “I Have the ability to-” He is shot twice in the chest so unexpectedly, and falls to the ground. Panic sets in, and an eerie score begins to fade in. As Nathan lies there dying, Matt looks off into the distance, and, in a great moment, we see the shooter walk away.

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Batman: The Long Halloween Review

September 18, 2008 at 4:02 pm (Comics)

Ever since The Dark Knight I have had an increasing interest on the Batman universe. I had been shopping around for some Batman comics recently, and one that had stuck out was “The Long Halloween”, and not only was it a Batman comic, it was illustrated by Tim Sale, the man behind several of the paintings from Mendez on Heroes. The Long Halloween follows the story of Batman/Bruce Wayne, District Attorney Harvey Dent, and Lieutenant Gordon trying to rid Gotham City of the infamous “Holiday” killer, who is picking off members of Gotham’s mob one by one on major holidays. The entire comic takes on this epic crime story feel to it, with Batman and the gang becoming desperate for answers to the murders taking place. For those who loved The Dark Knight, The Long Halloween will be especially welcomed since TDK was inspired largely by this comic. Even though the main antagonists and crimes in this graphic novel are those of the regular breed, this novel contains to shortage of Batman’s classic foes. Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, the Riddler, the Penguin, Two Face, and even the Joker make an appearance in this nearly 400 page epic tale of crime. The artwork in this bad boy is actually very good, fans of Heroes will enjoy the distinct style provided by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb (also from Heroes). The story in this graphic novel has plenty of twists and turns, plenty of exciting moments, and a plethora of Bat-action, along with some classic well-known character revelations that will make the pages turn themselves. All in all, if you loved The Dark Knight like I did, want even more Batman to read on a Friday night that will last on up through the weekend, or just want a great comic, The Long Halloween is definitely a great read for all the Bat-nerds out there. This is actually first in a series, so I will definitely be checking out the next two.

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