#20-Sylar Gets His Groove Back & #19-Sylar Killing his Mom

September 4, 2008 at 3:56 pm (Television)

The third volume of Heroes, Villains, is looking very promising, but some have forgotten that we have already seen part of it, which made for a great and surprising moment. After Sylar had went through the whole season of trying to get his powers back and killing a few people standing in his way, he finally got his hands on Claire Bennet’s blood, curing him of the virus, and allowing him to have his powers back in an extremely eerie and creepy moment. 

Towards the end of Volume 1, Sylar began to fear he was the cause of the bomb, and because he only kills out of natural selection, he was naturally upset, and went to his mom for help. When she rejected him, they went into a struggle, and in a moment that had me gasping in disbelief, he kills his own mother, which sent him over the edge.


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