#16-Kaito’s Death and #15-Sylar’s Attack on Peter

September 8, 2008 at 3:03 pm (Television)


To some the beginning of Volume 2 was considered a dissapointment. Volume 1 had all of this momentum, this energy, this terrifying, unifying, electrifying, some sort of -ying plotline, and then Volume 2 kicks off in this slow, soap-opera-esque vibe to it. I however, was too excited to care. I still enjoyed Volume 2 in it’s entirety, even though the end was the better half. One thing the volume didn’t hold back on was death. In one of the very first episodes, if not the first episode, Kaito Nakamura was patiently awaiting his son Hiro to come back from the past. However, he was never able to see his son again until after his death in a very shocking manner. Here he is on top of Issac’s loft, when everything’s all peaceful and fine, and some assassin throws him off the roof! 

Towards the end of Season 1, Sylar had stolen the name (and power) of Zane Taylor, and was hitching a ride with the unsuspecting Mohinder so he could get a front row seat to some free powers from the people Mohinder was trying to save from Sylar, or the person he knew as Zane Taylor. Eventually Mohinder wised up, and caught Sylar in his lies. However, Sylar has powers, and Mohinder doesn’t. In one of the most terrifying moments from the show, as Peter is walking into Mohinder’s apartment, we see blood fall from the ceiling. We see Mohinder writhing in pain, caught on the ceiling, trying to warn Peter of Sylar.


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