Will Smith: The Last Pharaoh

September 8, 2008 at 10:51 am (Movies)


First he saved the world from aliens… twice, then he made a better life for his son, he then sacrificed his life for the better of what’s left of mankind from vampires, and now he’s onto his next mission. Saving Egypt. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith is to play an Egyptian Pharaoh in the big budget Columbia motion picture, The Last Pharaoh. Will Smith is also set to play a suicidal man who changes the lives of seven others in Seven Pounds. The Last Pharaoh has no set release.



  1. The James said,

    you kinda put a IAL spoiler in there

  2. nolanator said,

    Will Smith as a pharaoh? It might can work.

  3. earlman27 said,

    Anyone who hasn’t seen IAL yet probably won’t see it.

  4. nolanator said,

    I Am Legend was a great movie.

  5. The James said,

    idk, I am pretty sure it is still in the new release section. Some families either wait until it is in the old section, wait until they can rent it at the library for free, or wait until they can borrow it for free.

  6. nolanator said,

    Yeah, it will still be a great movie in 20 years, so you don’t have to rush to see it now.

  7. henok said,

    oh..man! am still suprise about this movie, cuz am originaly ethiopian so..i use to wish this history could be a movie, but now even is gonna be made by my feverit actor….am loocking forward…..ease

  8. Kyle said,

    Yeah…have 2 things to say about this. One…the last pharaoh is not Taharqa. That would be the Greek Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra VII. Secondly…I can not believe they would put up a picture of an actual Egyptian and put it next to Will Smith as if that’s who he’s portraying.

    Taharqa was NOT an Egyptian…but a Nubian conqueror who proclaimed himself Pharaoh. And that picture next to Will Smith is NOT Taharqa. Nubians were portrayed for what they were and are in Egyptian art…blacks. The real Egyptians were not black, and that picture you erroneously posted next to Will Smith confirms that. They were a people of dark complection…not black.

  9. earlman27 said,

    This has been… Nerdy Corrections of Film Adaptations of Egyptian Life and the News that Follows… Goodnight.

  10. Pianki said,

    The history of a 25th Dynasty military expedition, led by a Kushite Suten (Pharaoh), dispatched to the Near East in 701 B.C.E, its destination corresponds to today Palestine/Israel. Its aim was to prevent the Assyrian King, Sennacherib, who god was Ashur, from carrying out a conquest of the last Canaanite strong hold, Jerusalem. This black-African mighty force intervention, led by the young military chief and nephew of Shabaka name was Nefertem Khu Re Taharka. This mission enabled the fragile, war-torn Hebrew kingdom to survive and nurse its self back to economic and demographic health. Thereby allowing the Hebrew religion, Yahwism (and their god YHWH), to evolve within the next several centuries into Iudaism (Judaism). From Judaism would off shoot Christianity and then later Islam. The story of this Kushite Army, following their god Amon, was widely known in the west until a century ago. One source, the bible 2Kings 19:35, Isa 37:36, now gives the credit to “the angel of the lord” rather than Taharka. Was this the same group of Hebrews that came into Kemet (Egypt) and resided on Elephantine (Beggar) Island in Aswan to later go on into Gondar Ethiopia? Taharka wpuld again win in battle against the Assyrian King Esarhaddon in 674 B.C.E.
    Will Smith playing Taharka could be misleading. Taharka coming from now Nubia Sudan area would have been a Jet Black complexion who wives and off springs would have been too. Mixing was not popular with this group during that period.

  11. earlman27 said,

    You know, it’s a film, and it’s not out of Hollywood’s character to not follow things to a T.

  12. Kyle said,

    Call it nerdy or whatever you like, earl. It doesn’t matter. It’s inaccurate distortion of history. It’s bad enough Afrocentrics are out there trying to claim histories for themselves that do not belong to them.

  13. earlman27 said,

    Dude I wasn’t doing that to offend anyone it was just a joke, I’m poking fun. It was sort of nerdy to list off all that info, but it’s all in good fun. My point is, that a lot of people aren’t going to read that far into that sort of story. So what if a black guy plays a pharaoh? It’s a film adaptation, and it’s up to them how they wanna regard the source material. If Will Smith could do a better job in the part than someone else, what does it matter. There have been tons of films (take David Fincher’s The Social Network for example) that bend the source material a little bit and the end result is still an amazing film.

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