#14-Sylar’s ALIVE and #13-Claire’s Parents

September 10, 2008 at 6:14 am (Television)


At the end of Season 1, Sylar was…. well, stabbed, right through the chest…. with a samurai sword. I honestly thought this was the end of a great villain, and that this was his curtain call. However, at the very end of the Volume, we got a glimpse of Sylar’s blood trailing, and the infamous and strangely symbolic cockroach around him, signifying this might not be the end for him. Promos for Volume 2 started to pop up, and they all showed Sylar. In a very shocking moment, Sylar was revealed to be alive after being saved by Candace Wilmer. She… was killed…. By Sylar…. go figure.

In Volume 1 Claire Bennet was going through some family difficulties. She realized she was adopted, and wanted to find her real mom and dad. She finally talked to her mom on the phone, her mom holding a cigarrete not yet lit. Claire-“Mom?” Mom-(Snaps fingers, fire lights cigarrete) “Yea…” RIght after that, we found out her father. We saw mom talking nervously on the phone-“Hello, it’s me…. you know our daughter… she’s alive, she’s alive… Nathan.”


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